Our Designated Drivers are on-call 6pm to 3am 7 days a week. Try to Pre-Book your ride at least 2 hours in advance to guarantee a pickup time otherwise pickup times are determined by availability.

Our standard rates are a $20 pickup fee plus $2/Km per vehicle picked up. Promotions and discounted industry rates may be available. Please have a credit card ready to pay the pickup fee per vehicle upon the time of calling. The remaining total of the service may be paid by cash or credit upon completion of the ride. Feel free to ask about our discounted rates for those who are burdened by a low income.

We accept cash, credit and debit!
(Debit is not available for Designated Driver service.)


Book Online and Have A Designated Driver Waiting to Get YOU and YOUR VEHICLE home Safely!

Designated Drivers

Sober Girls Designated Drivers provide a safe solution to get you and your vehicle home safely when your ability to safely drive your own vehicle has been impaired. Sober Girls is based out of Surrey but we can get you home safely almost anywhere within the Lower Mainland of BC.

DD Services (Designated Driver Services) are not only for those who have consumed alcohol. Sober Girls also provides day surgery and airport pick-services as well. We can even drive you around in your own vehicle while your do your grocery shopping or run errands. Sober Girls also provides delivery services for everything from prescriptions to alcohol. Liquor delivery last call is 10:30 PM. Call Sober Girls and help keep our roads safe!

Our Designated Driver Services are convenient and affordable. All you have to do is call and tell us where you would like us to meet you with your vehicle and tell us where you would like to go. We are cheaper than a round trip taxi fare! Get Sober Girls to drive you home and have the peace of mind in knowing your vehicle is home safe with you. Never leave your vehicle away from home overnight again!

Find out how much your designated driver will cost now. Check out our online RIDE COST ESTIMATOR and plan to be responsible.

FYI: British Columbia has some of the strictest DUI (Driving Under Influence) laws in Canada. Penalties start even if you have just 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). That means just ONE drink could cost you your license! Click Here to see for yourself.


Sober Girls Designated Drivers proudly supports the following organizations. We have also launched our very own Sober Girls Fundraising Society, a registered not-for-profit organization, which focuses on helping those who suffer with mental health, addictions, and poverty related obstacles (ATTENTION: We are resubmitting our applications for registration and licensing. The process was underway, but a lack of knowledge on how to complete forms caused a delay). The intentions of the organization is not to collect cash donations but donations of tangible items such as coats, blankets, and non-perishable food items for those in need. We also have our "Class D" raffle license and host a variety of meat draws and raffle events. Please email us if you would like to have us host your meat draw event or if you would like more information about our services.
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