Our Designated Drivers are on-call 6pm to 3am Thursday to Sunday and 6pm to 12am Monday to Wednesday. Try to Pre-Book your ride at least 2 hours in advance to improve your chances of getting the time you want. Actual pickup times are determined by availability. For more information about how our service works please read our FAQ.

Please keep in mind that a Designated Driver is not intended to replace traditional means of transportation. We are a life-line service to help get you in your vehicle safely from point A to point B.

Our standard designated driver rates are a non-refundable $22 dispatch fee plus $2.25/Km per vehicle picked up. Promotions and hospitality staff rates may be available. Please have a credit card ready to pay the dispatch fee per vehicle upon the time of booking. The remaining total for the service may be paid upon completion of the ride. Feel free to ask about our discounted rates for those who are burdened by a low income. If you do not follow through with your ride then there are no cancellation fees. The initial dispatch fee is the cost for dispatching the driver.

We offer liquor delivery/pickup service only as an additional service to our designated driver customers. This service is to encourage people not to go back out on the road once they are safe at home. Liquor pickup service is not available after hours. You must place your order upon booking your designated driver. Valid Picture I.D. will be required by the person receiving the order.


If you are not sure how to explain where your vehicle is parked check out our brand new Park Me feature. Sometimes trying to explain your location can be difficult if you are in an unfamiliar area. Our park me feature takes advantage of your devices GPS/Location Services to help your driver find you.


If you have multiple stops Check out our brand new Custom Fit Driving Services. No need to pay hourly for personal driver services. Our new Custom Fit Driving Services give you the flexibility of a personal driver without the commitment to hourly rates.


Book Online and Have A Designated Driver Waiting to Get YOU and YOUR VEHICLE home Safely!

Designated Drivers

Sober Girls Designated Drivers provide a safe solution to get you and your vehicle home safely when your ability to safely drive your own vehicle has been impaired. Sober Girls started in Surrey, BC and we can get you home safely almost anywhere within the Lower Mainland of BC.

DD Services (Designated Driver Services) are not only for those who have consumed alcohol. Sober Girls also provides day surgery and airport pick-services as well. We also provide a personal driver service, which is now called "Custom Fit Driver Services", to drive you around in your own vehicle while your do your grocery shopping or run errands. Sober Girls also provides delivery services for everything from prescriptions to alcohol. Liquor delivery is only available for designated driver customers as an added convenience to encourage them to stay off the road once they are home. Call Sober Girls and help keep our roads safe!

Our Designated Driver Services are convenient and affordable. All you have to do is pre-book online or try calling 604.369.6229 for on-call service during our hours of operation. We are cheaper than a round trip taxi fare! Get Sober Girls to drive you home and have the peace of mind in knowing your vehicle is home safe with you. Never leave your vehicle away from home overnight again!

Find out how much your designated driver will cost now. Check out our online RIDE COST ESTIMATOR and plan to be responsible.

FYI: British Columbia has some of the strictest DUI (Driving Under Influence) laws in Canada. Penalties start even if you have just 0.05 BAC (Blood Alcohol Content). That means just ONE drink could cost you your license! Click Here to see for yourself.


Sober Girls Designated Drivers is the very first company in our industry to come out with all-inclusive Charity rates. In December of 2016 Sober Girls Designated Drivers held a board meeting and the decision was unanimous; our communities needed special rates for organizations holding charity events. After discussion with our driving teams we lowered the rates to a $15 vehicle dispatch fee and $1.50 a kilometer for any charity event attendees.

Sober Girls Designated Drivers have supported many different charitable organizations since we opened such as The Canadian Red Cross, The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Easter Seals Camps for Kids, and Children’s Variety to name a few. Last year we formed, with our staff, a Society to give back directly to those in need however we later closed due to the media saying we cannot give homeless people coats and blankets and Care packages with our company coat drive and partial proceeds. They scorned us for not having a charity license on CKNW News along with fictitious text messages and online slander. A media scandal can happen with any company but as a family owned and operated business trying to give back to the community it was disheartening.

Moving forward we have taken down all the links to every Charitable organization we have ever supported and will no longer advertise who we support but only how we support which is through Charity Rates and Gifts in kind.

"Share us and help your friends and family be responsible."