Alcohol Delivery

Businesses that deliver alcohol in different cities such as Surrey  BC and Chilliwack BC should have a valid business licence within the city and there are other requirements such as having applied knowledge of the liquor control act completion of serving it right which is imperative knowledge for any business that does alcohol delivery. Sober Girls […]

Designated Drivers in the Fraser Valley

Sober Girls Designated in Vancouver is expanding May 1st, 2015 to Chilliwack BC we are excited because the Fraser Valley s in need for Designated Drivers. Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ are consistently meeting our goals to be the most preferred Designated Driver service in the lower mainland and to be the most referred service by […]

Booking a Designated Driver in Vancouver

Booking a Designated Driver in Vancouver can be stressful when your ready to go home. Sometimes people call a Designated Driver service and  are told a wait time of 2 hours or 1 hour at best. The reason is because there are peak times for Designated Drivers in Vancouver and  just like timmies drive through first thing […]

Charity Work Designated Driving Company in Vancouver does

I want to write this blog about charity work and how Designated Driving has always been based on  HELPING so I think that its only right in todays society that a Designated Driving Company in Vancouver does help within the community. I know for a fact that Sober Girls will only keep drivers that are […]

Complaining about making money

a driver i worked with was complaining all night it was so annoying and so i just focused on my promotional work that needed to be done. After seeing her looking like she just lost her best friend the dispatcher starts calling with call after call and we were busy. At around 2am she started to […]

Vancouver Designated Driver investigated for harassment

  A PRANK, PRANK,  AND ANOTHER PRANK! It would not be a typical Friday night at Sober Girls Designated Drivers without a pirate calling to prank us. People that work for other companies think pranking will close us down one girl dispatcher from RADD DESIGNATED DRIVERS  got caught RED HANDED her names Caitlyn and she pranked […]

No Business License No Card War

I want to talk about the  business Card war at the front counter at establishments and this is a war between Designated Drivers in Vancouver. I want to say firstly that any establishment selling liquor needs to be aware they hold all the  legal accountability for what they advertise and what services they refer in their establishment. […]

Wait times for a Designated Driver

I wish every person on the earth could learn to have patients. I think many people have a hard time waiting for their designated driver in Vancouver. I remember waiting for my designated driver the night I was out having an enjoyable day off. I called Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ it was an off peak day […]