Customer Service is provided by our Designated Drivers

    We are not a business which focuses on phone support for customers. We are not a customer service support line at 604-369-6229. We are not in the customer service industry we are in the transportation industry and our main goal is providing safe rides. We do not take bookings over the phone and […]

Bonding and “safe rides” here is what we know.

There has been some dishonesty in the designated driver industry in regards to bonding and we want to touch on that subject in regards to “safe rides”. The first question you may have is “who does bonding”?  Well an insurance company does bonding that is limited to ICBC because ICBC is the customer’s insurance provider […]

Dispatch Cost AKA Base Fee for Designated Drivers

  Most of us at some point in our life have been in a “Taxi” otherwise known as a “Cab” or “Taxi Cab” so we all know when you get into that cab there is a fee already on the meter called a “Tariff”. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC our Tariff is a […]

Find me VS Park me Sober Girls DD functions

As you may or may not recall Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC had a function called “Find Me” and it’s on the front page of our website. Our Designated Driver Service is all about function without the inconvenience of downloading an App such as the three buttons on the front page of SGDD website […]

Why do they want to be Sober Girls if we are such a bad DD?

We all have heard of the saying “don’t hate us because you aint us “along with many other sayings such as “Don’t hate appreciate” the list goes on and on. After the media scandal with the fiction customer “Briann” Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC just kept pushing forward. In light of NYC terrorist attack […]

Places to Stay in Vancouver BC have a Safe Stay.

Wonder why “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has a places to stay menu option on our website? It’s simple because we are a “Designated Driver Service” we are against impaired driving which means we want anyone who lands on our website to have as many options as possible. Our places to stay menu supports […]

Sober Guys Work With Sober Girls

Sober Guys Work With Sober Girls

Sober Girls Might Send Some Sober Guys At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we drive you in your own vehicle but don’t be fooled by the name. Sometimes when you book with Sober Girls we might send one of our sober guys. We all love the idea of “girl power” but let’s face it, we can’t […]

Designated Driver Services Teamwork

Designated Driver Services Working Together

Designated Driver Services Need To Work Together Designated Driver services are an important part of our community and a valuable  service to those who need a safe ride home when they are unable to drive themselves. Although there are many Designated Driver services to choose from it is important that we all work together to […]

Customer Service Called into Question

Bad Customer Service is Killing Thousands of People Everywhere! CKNW/AM730 has questioned Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ bad customer service because foul language and strict policies have been killing drivers everywhere. The fact that Sober Girls Designated Drivers have been helping keep drunk drivers off the road for over 3 years now is not enough. If […]

Get a Safe Ride

Get A Safe Ride in Your Own Vehicle

A Safe Ride From a Designated Driver Sober Girls Designated Drivers can help you get a safe ride in your own vehicle when your friends don’t want to be the sober drivers. We provide a safe alternative to drinking and driving when leaving your vehicle overnight is not an option. Getting a safe ride home […]