Sober Girls Valentines venues for you and your sweetheart

Being a part of the hospitality industry means letting our customers know about great places to go out especially on Valentine’s Day. As a leader in the designated driver industry we want to insure your special nights out go exactly as planned. The first way to ensure everything runs smoothly is to reserve your plans […]

New Years Eve Designated Driver options

Every approaching New Year’s Eve we blog about safe choices for transportation because we want every individual who reads the blog to stop and think before having that drink. We are not a regular means of transportation such as a taxi or limousine company and we do not pass ourselves off as chauffeurs or a […]

Holiday Road Checks are on. Hire Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC.

Holiday partygoers are giving police something to smile about, as officer’s ramp up their Holiday Counterattack program to catch impaired drivers. Tis the season for Holiday road checks and if you think pulling a U-turn to try to avoid the roadblock will help it won’t and will only make the police more suspicious. “Sober Girls […]

Drinking Driving campaign on December 1

This year’s holiday season Police enforcement will kick off their Drinking Driving campaign on December 1. More than 125 RCMP and municipal police officers, as well as members of the Integrated Road Safety units, will set up road-checks all over the lower mainland. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we like to raise awareness […]

Designated Drivers for hire on Halloween

The best reason to hire a “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” is to secure your car. Halloween is second only to New Year’s Day for vehicle vandalism incidents on holidays or annual celebrations so leaving your vehicle overnight will mean taking a risk; why take that risk when you can get your vehicle home. […]

End of the Summer Fun

Are you looking for some end of summer fun? We have some great ideas for spending time with friends and family before summer ends and perhaps your can sneak a few cocktails in while you’re at it. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC think it is important people get outdoors when the weather permits it; […]

Character of Designated Drivers

The Type of People that run designated drivers services are not in it for the money considering the stress ratio to money ration is so divided. Designated Driver Service was never meant to be a big box company for some millionaire to get richer off of; it’s a service for people that want to help […]

summer roadblocks

Summer Roadblocks Summer Roadblocks all over the lower mainland this summer due to the hot summer weather that is well on the way. We want customers and staff to be prepared to deal with local law enforcement so we put together a few tips for you both. When you approach a roadblock you should think […]

using narcotics on a night out?

If you have been using narcotics such as cocaine or marijuana while drinking please refrain from telling our drivers; we prohibited any use of narcotics while your driver is driving you. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we want to help you get your vehicle home and we do not want drivers to be […]