Designated Drivers Vancouver Speeding is not childs play

The transportation minister got ticketed for speeding and with that being said it is a fact that everyone speeds. Dont sit there and shake your head no because at one point during our life (teenage years) you were guilty of speeding. I do not think going 10km over is so bad when considering the flow […]

Designated Drivers Deserve a fair wage

I want to touch on the subject of wages for Designated Drivers and how contracts work. I know my blogs upset and offend those who have been going about running a Designated Driver Service in Vancouver any which way they please however we are just showing our cards putting them on the table so the […]

Its a follow car not a chase car; we are not police.

I just want to talk about Designated Drivers terminology because I hear this term used a lot and I don’t like to use it; the term “chase car”. I am sorry if this offends Designated Driver Services across the country but we do not have “chase cars” because we are not police and we are […]

Designated Drivers Cheating on contracts

There are 2 ways designated driver companies get cheated by other company drivers, firstly is that they still work for another designated driver service and they are only there to get information. Secondly they overcharge customers and make personal stops; they also don’t claim tips to the follow car.The spies come from less reputable companies […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers on Social Networking

Sober Girls Designated Drivers thinks social networking is important for any business owner I cant stress how much of a positive outcome social networking has on small businesses. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ is always updating our Facebook, Twitter and other sources we use for social networking. Some give the opinion that the owner of […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers on rates

Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver wants to discuss rates for a driver. Some Companies have strictly set rates they act purely as a business just as a vulture will never be a beautiful bird these companies are not interested in helping you but cashing in whether you can afford the ride or not. At Sober […]

“Friends dont let Friends Drive Drunk” But do Friends let Friends drive High?

“Friends dont let Friends Drive Drunk” But but do Friends let Friends drive High? Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ wants to discuss some impacts of being high and driving. I think any substance that is mind altering can have an effect on drivers decisions. In the late 1980’s, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Ad […]

Sober Girls on contest and giveaways

I wanted to take this time to write about contests and giveaways at no time is it tactful for any business to claim to giveaway gift cards and other stuff and not assert themselves on how and what is being given; this leads me to believe its a scam to profit off people who think they […]

Sober Girls Vancouver on Uber and Taxi’s

If you don’t like or trust Uber? Don’t use it. But its ridiculous to attempt to “shut down” an enterprise because of some concocted “risk”. The current regulations are not serving the public interest. That’s why its impossible to get a cab on a Friday night in Vancouver. If it takes technologically advanced companies that think […]

Ask to see a valid class 5 license from your Designated Driver in Vancouver

Whenever someone is the qualified supervisor of an ‘L’ or ‘N’ driver, they are not expected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in order to ensure that they can provide any necessary assistance or advice to the relatively new driver. So the next time you head out for some beers, ask whoever is […]