High Gas Prices and no Uber will finish off the Designated Driver industry in BC

The Designated Driver industry has come to a halt people are not going out as often and they are choosing not to use Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC. We all know even with the more affordable Designated Driver companies in BC our service is still an expensive service. Some Designated Driver Companies think the problem […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers re-launch and new platform

Sober Girls Designated Drivers re-launch and new platform is delayed due to the amount of building our developer has to do and also because we want to take our time to do things right. Many are asking us when we are opening the new platform but there is no answer for this. We have one […]

Designated Driver Safety – Dangerous DD Services

Designated Driver Safety – Dangerous DD Services in Vancouver! A designated driver service is a safe alternative to drinking and driving but it is only as safe as the driver. There are many designated driver services in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland of BC but some of them may not be as safe as […]

Too Proud to Save a Life? – Designated Driver Disputes

Too Proud to Save a Life?– Designated Driver Disputes It’s amazing how many designated driver companies, who claim to have public safety in mind, are willing to harass and shame another Designated Driver company. Oh YES… I know… what about the Savannah thing… right? Was anything said in the review not true? Is it fair […]

Savannah Designated Drivers Challenge ‘Mental Issues’

Savannah Designated Drivers Challenge ‘Mental Issues’. “Why don’t you come down to the clubhouse in Hammond and we can discuss your mental issues?”, was the response one yelp reviewer got when communicating with Savannah Designated Drivers through their Yelp profile. Savannah Designated Drivers “Enterprises Inc” claims to be ‘Greater Vancouver and Lower Mainland’s Top Designated […]

Steele Squeals on Kater’s TOS

Steele ‘Squeals’ on Kater’s TOS “A Kater driver cannot at all refuse a ride.” Was the latest misleading statement made by Corrie Larson, the Director of Communications at Kater, on the Lynda Steele show. Does anybody even know or care about what a Director of Communications is or does? Apparently you need a degree to […]

The Sober Girls Designated Drivers Autobiography is coming.

The Sober Girls Autobiography is coming soon, the good, the bad and the ugly. We will offer an inside look at the life of a Sober Girl trying to make a better life for her and her children. Anyone can agree being Sober is a thing to be expected of any single mother but time […]

Kater in Vancouver Begs with ‘Bogus’ Bonuses

Kater Begs With ‘Bogus’ Bonuses! Just by signing up to work for Kater you could be eligible for a $1000 bonus… in a perfect world where you are not punished for other people’s decisions. Some people claim that they wouldn’t work for Kater even if they were offered a Million dollars. Well, hold onto your […]

Kater Kab – Ride Hailing or Ride Failing?

Kater Kab – Ride Hailing or Ride Failing? A new ride-hailing app will be test launched on March 30, 2019 as a last-ditch attempt for a struggling Vancouver ‘tech company’ to recover its losses. Previously everything from Hatchimals to local talent has been exploited to no avail and now its time for a new approach… […]

Vancouver’s first ever ride-hailing app will launch next week

Vancouver’s first ever ride-hailing app will launch next week. Really? Katers 140 licenses have been issued by the Vancouver Taxi Association but they are not a Taxi? How stupid do these liars think people are? This taxi monopoly has been going on for decades and operationally Kater is absolutely no different than a Taxi. Sober […]