High Gas Prices and no Uber will finish off the Designated Driver industry in BC

The Designated Driver industry has come to a halt people are not going out as often and they are choosing not to use Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC. We all know even with the more affordable Designated Driver companies in BC our service is still an expensive service. Some Designated Driver Companies think the problem […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers re-launch and new platform

Sober Girls Designated Drivers re-launch and new platform is delayed due to the amount of building our developer has to do and also because we want to take our time to do things right. Many are asking us when we are opening the new platform but there is no answer for this. We have one […]

Designated Driver cancellation Fees are unfair to consumers and are skyrocketing.

“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” the industry leader in Designated Drivers in the Province of BC get asked questions all the time from consumers and potential customers among hundreds of complaints in regards to cancellation  costs of other services who do not have a ride cost estimators or price caps. Cancellations fees for a […]

Transportation regulations for Designated Driver Service

Transportation regulations for Designated Driver Service should be regulated in a tangible way so that the core benefit of the service is to get from A to B in one’s own vehicle. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is not for a mandatory class 4 as taxi drivers because it’s a personal vehicle being driven and it […]

Uber and Lyft wont finish Kater Taxi and the Taxi industry

Uber or Lyft in Vancouver is not likely to finish taxi/kater taxi or designated driver companies off and it won’t be the end to either business. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of this big debate because it all boils down to oppressing British Columbians choice and freedom to move (freedom of movement). Yes […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers a hands off approach for driving services

Sober Girls Designated Drivers may upset and offend people with our direct disregard for taxi drivers but it is only because we believe in a “hands off approach” for all our drivers and as we believe it should be in the transportation industry. We always ask customers to meet us at their vehicle this is […]

Sexual assault by a taxi driver in West Vancouver BC

In light of the recent sexual assault by a taxi driver in West Vancouver BC it’s been decided that Sober “Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” will now only hire female drivers and those who identify as a female upon the launch of our brand new website. Some individuals may speak out against “Sober Girls Designated […]

Pre Planning a Safe Ride.

We want to talk about planning ahead for a safe ride home in advanced. We believe if you are out drinking with your vehicle you should probably decide when you want to leave before you have that second drink. Why would anyone in their right mind be out drinking with their vehicle and not want […]

Roadblocks increase as the holiday season approaches.

With the holiday season approaching a police presence on BC highways is on the rise and our drivers have been noticing it during work hours. Our drivers have reported several pop up sobriety checks coming up at odd hours such as 5am and even 9am on Sunday mornings. Upon asking officers why they would have […]