RIDE DEPOSITS NOT CANCELLATION FEE’S /INDUSTRY STANDARDS KNOW HOW “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” wants to let you know that any reputable designated driver service will bill you up front a DEPOSIT which should come off the cost of your ride and in turn is your cancellation fee in the event you do not read more

Best Food and Drink choices

“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” likes to focus on service and quality of the food and drinks establishments are serving. Citrus flavours like lime and lemon, every Bar should have on hand to add flavor and freshness to drinks. Some Patrons choose drinks that have a sour or are of a bitter taste like read more

Sober Girls Designated Drivers on vehicle interlock

“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC “want the public to know that British Columbia in particular has tied the interlock into not only federal convictions, but license provisions under provincial law. The ideal program is easy to get on for all offenders at the cost of around $1,700 while the 8-hour to 16 hour education read more

Do Apps make or break companies in the Designated Driver industry?

There are many Designated Driver Services across the world that have Apps such as BemyDD, Keys Please, Premier DD, Arrive Alive; just to name a few. The idea of an App is nothing new in the Designated Driver Industry however it has not made a difference in respect to the call volume for other businesses read more

safety tips and winter driving advice for a safe ride home.

If you’re in a road accident, there’s a 20% higher chance of death for front seat passengers if people in the back seat don’t wear a seatbelt. So please ask everyone in your car to wear a seatbelt to insure a safe ride home. If someone is driving carelessly and makes a mistake that upsets you, honking read more

Safety tips for Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC

This article I have been wanting to write for some time because I want our blog to be informative and give people good information. This blog “ safety tipsfor Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC” is to keep yourself safe as a Designated Driver in Vancouver BC and this goes for both men and women. This job is read more

Designated Drivers Vancouver Speeding is not childs play

The transportation minister got ticketed for speeding and with that being said it is a fact that everyone speeds. Dont sit there and shake your head no because at one point during our life (teenage years) you were guilty of speeding. I do not think going 10km over is so bad when considering the flow read more

Designated Drivers Deserve a fair wage

I want to touch on the subject of wages for Designated Drivers and how contracts work. I know my blogs upset and offend those who have been going about running a Designated Driver Service in Vancouver any which way they please however we are just showing our cards putting them on the table so the read more

Designated Drivers Cheating on contracts

There are 2 ways designated driver companies get cheated by other company drivers, firstly is that they still work for another designated driver service and they are only there to get information. Secondly they overcharge customers and make personal stops; they also don’t claim tips to the follow car.The spies come from less reputable companies read more