Designated Drivers for hire on Halloween

The best reason to hire a “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” is to secure your car. Halloween is second only to New Year’s Day for vehicle vandalism incidents on holidays or annual celebrations so leaving your vehicle overnight will mean taking a risk; why take that risk when you can get your vehicle home. read more

Establishments call a Designated Driver

All Patrons should demonstrate good behavior well enjoying the establishment they are at; however the Bar is a business and they need to operate with standards conducive in the industry. Establishments like restaurants and bars that serve alcohol have what is known as a “duty of care” not only to their patrons but to others read more

Designated Driver clients protect yourself from online fraud

There are a lot of unorganized fly by nights out there trying to pop up just in time for Christmas just to make a quick buck some of them are asking the driver to just upload their drivers license and then they  dont even hire them  to pick you up; these businesses know nothing about read more


Set ground rules always because intoxicated people aren’t always the easiest to reason with. But if you stick to the same rules every time you hopefully they will stick in their heads. Seatbelts. ALWAYS. Upfront payment credit card deposit No excessively loud music There is no such thing as calling shot gun the owner of read more

Booking a Designated Driver in Vancouver

Booking a Designated Driver in Vancouver can be stressful when your ready to go home. Sometimes people call a Designated Driver service and  are told a wait time of 2 hours or 1 hour at best. The reason is because there are peak times for Designated Drivers in Vancouver and  just like timmies drive through first thing read more