Transportation regulations for Designated Driver Service

Transportation regulations for Designated Driver Service should be regulated in a tangible way so that the core benefit of the service is to get from A to B in one’s own vehicle. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is not for a mandatory class 4 as taxi drivers because it’s a personal vehicle being driven and it […]

Sober Girls Designated Drivers a hands off approach for driving services

Sober Girls Designated Drivers may upset and offend people with our direct disregard for taxi drivers but it is only because we believe in a “hands off approach” for all our drivers and as we believe it should be in the transportation industry. We always ask customers to meet us at their vehicle this is […]

Roadblocks increase as the holiday season approaches.

With the holiday season approaching a police presence on BC highways is on the rise and our drivers have been noticing it during work hours. Our drivers have reported several pop up sobriety checks coming up at odd hours such as 5am and even 9am on Sunday mornings. Upon asking officers why they would have […]

Media Blackout on the term Designated Drivers.

We want to post this in regards to the media blackout of the term “Designated Driver” because we think it’s important for the public to understand that the media does not want them to know the key words designated drivers, safe ride, and sober drivers or drive my car home. The media has been pouting […]

Bonding and “safe rides” here is what we know.

There has been some dishonesty in the designated driver industry in regards to bonding and we want to touch on that subject in regards to “safe rides”. The first question you may have is “who does bonding”?  Well an insurance company does bonding that is limited to ICBC because ICBC is the customer’s insurance provider […]

Why do they want to be Sober Girls if we are such a bad DD?

We all have heard of the saying “don’t hate us because you aint us “along with many other sayings such as “Don’t hate appreciate” the list goes on and on. After the media scandal with the fiction customer “Briann” Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC just kept pushing forward. In light of NYC terrorist attack […]

Designated Driver Services Teamwork

Designated Driver Services Working Together

Designated Driver Services Need To Work Together Designated Driver services are an important part of our community and a valuable  service to those who need a safe ride home when they are unable to drive themselves. Although there are many Designated Driver services to choose from it is important that we all work together to […]

Get a Safe Ride

Get A Safe Ride in Your Own Vehicle

A Safe Ride From a Designated Driver Sober Girls Designated Drivers can help you get a safe ride in your own vehicle when your friends don’t want to be the sober drivers. We provide a safe alternative to drinking and driving when leaving your vehicle overnight is not an option. Getting a safe ride home […]

Misrepresentation of “Designated Driver”Services. “Designated Drivers”

It has come to our attention that not only was RADD “designated drivers” severely misrepresenting the “designated driver” industry now Discreet “designated drivers” is following in RADD (out of business) footsteps. These companies are the black market gypsy taxi cabs of the “designated driver” industry. No standards no structure just simply out to make a […]