Designated Driver Service Rules of Conduct

By requesting a Designated Driver with Sober Girls Designated Drivers you agree to the following:

1. You agree to use your legal name when requesting a ride.

2. You agree that you are the registered owner of the vehicle to be driven.

3. You agree that the vehicle to be driven is registered and insured in your own name.

4. You agree to pay a non-refundable dispatch fee to the driver or to the dispatcher upon confirmation.

5. You agree that a Designated Driver is a life-line service to get you from point A to point B and that a Designated Driver is not a regular means of transportation.

6. You agree that using abusive or threatening behavior and/or language could result in an immediate forfeit of the service as well as any fees paid.

7. You agree that you have enough seatbelts in your vehicle to safely seat any passengers including your designated driver.

8. You agree that your vehicle is in safe working order.

9. You agree that you are responsible for your personal property and Sober Girls Designated Drivers is not responsible for any loss or damages. If your Designated Driver has an at-fault accident then arrangements will be made by Sober Girls Designated Drivers to cover your insurance deductible.

9. You agree that there is no guarantee on exact pickup times. Unforeseen circumstances such as roadblocks, delays with other customers, weather conditions, and other emergencies are out of our control and could cause delays.

10. You agree to meet your Designated Driver at your vehicle. We do not have fleet cars and our designated drivers are not authorized nor are they insured to carry passengers in any other vehicle other than your own.

11. You agree that failure to communicate with your designated driver could result in a forfeit of the services. We understand that sometimes you may be in a situation where you cannot hear your phone. However, it is your responsibility to maintain contact if you are expecting a designated driver to meet you.

12. You agree that you will not take videos, photos, or audio recordings of our designated drivers or dispatchers without their written consent.

13. You agree that you will not access the designated driver request form using anonymous proxies or services which are intended to hide your identity and/or spoof your location.

14. You agree that there will be a $20 penalty fee when your final destination is any other location other than the drop-off location that was originally requested in the Ride Request Form.

15. You agree that failure to comply with any of these terms could result in the forfeit of the service as well as legal action if and when applicable.