Liquor Delivery Services

Sober Girls Designated Drivers offers Liquor Delivery! Well, it's more like liquor pickup. Sober Girls Designated Drivers is working with local liquor retail locations to offer liquor pickup exclusively as an add-on service for our Designated Driver customers. We offer this service to encourage people to stay off of the roads once they are safe at home. There is a fee of only $10.00 per order plus the exact purchase price of the order.

Liquor delivery/pickup is not available after hours. Last liquor pickup request is for 10 p.m.

Please request liquor delivery/pickup from dispatcher at the time of confirming your designated driver service. Liquor pickup is only available if your final destination is a private residence. You will receive your liquor order upon arriving at your final destination at the end of your designated drive. If you decide not to go back to a private residence then we cannot give you your liquor order. According to regulations set by the British Columbia Liquor Commission it is unlawful to deliver alcohol to any public place. It must be to a private residence.

For Delivery Services Call 604.369.6229

Please Note: Liquor delivery/pickup service is based on availability. During peak times we may not be able to provide liquor pickup with all designated driver requests.