Designated Driver Service FAQ

1. What is a Designated Driver service?

A Designated Driver service provides a safe solution to get you and your vehicle to your destination when you have been consuming alcohol or are otherwise impaired and cannot safely drive your own vehicle.

2. How much does a Designated Driver service cost?

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we charge a standard dispatching fee plus a per-kilometer rate. We do not charge by time. We charge by distance. You can view our current rates in the footer of this site. We also have a custom-built Ride Cost Estimator for your convenience.

3. How long is the wait time for a Designated Driver?

The average wait time for a Designated Driver is a half hour to an hour for on-call service. We recommend that you pre-book your Designated Driver at least 2 hours in advance to improve your chances of getting a ride closest to the time you are requesting.

4. How Can I pay for my Designated Driver?

The dispatch fee must be paid by credit card when the driver or dispatcher contacts you to collect it. The remainder of the total can be paid at the end of the ride by cash or credit card. Simply filling in the booking form does not guarantee a pickup. The ride must be confirmed and the dispatch fee must be paid.

5. Can I book a Designated Driver if I do not have a credit card to pay the dispatching fee?

Unfortunately a credit card is required to pay the dispatch fee and to secure your ride. If you do not have a credit card then many of the prepaid credit cards that can be purchased at convenience stores do work as an option.

6. How do I request a Designated Driver?

You can request a Designated Driver by filling out our Online Booking Form. Once we receive your request a driver or ride coordinator will contact you to discuss availability and collect the dispatching fee by credit card.

7. Can I request a Designated Driver by phone?

We require all Designated Driver requests to be submitted through the online booking form. This allows us to provide you with the best service possible by making sure we receive your information exactly how you entered it. This helps reduce the possibility of miscommunication.

8. Do I need to fill out the online booking form even if I want on-call service?

Yes. The online booking form is there to ensure that we are getting your information correct, as you entered it. If you call by phone for a designated driver we will direct you to the booking form. Once you have submitted a complete booking form we will have a driver or ride coordinator contact you to confirm.

9. Am I guaranteed the pickup time that I request in the online booking form?

No. The online booking form is a service request form and is not a guarantee of service. Simply fill out the booking form with the time closest to when you wish to be picked up. We will have a driver or ride coordinator contact you to discuss availability.

10. Do I have to use my real name when I book a Designated Driver?

Yes. The name on the booking form must correspond to the name on the registration of the vehicle we will be driving. The person who we are providing the service for must be the registered owner of the vehicle.

11. Once my Designated Driver request is confirmed is my pickup time guaranteed?

No. Once your ride is confirmed you are only guaranteed to be first in line to be picked up closest to the time requested. We always strive to be on time however things like traffic, weather, road blocks, and other unforeseen circumstances could cause a delay. If we are going to be late we will contact you.

12. If I cancel my Designated Driver service do I get a refund on the dispatch fee?

No. The dispatch fee is non-refundable and covers administration costs.

13. What is the latest time I can request a Designated Driver?

Our first pickup is 6pm and last pickup is 3am on Thursday to Sunday. Our first pickup is 6pm and last pickup is 12am on Monday to Wednesday. You can request a pickup time outside of these hours if you book atleast 24 hours in advance.

14. How long will it take for a driver to contact me after I submit the online booking form?

Online bookings are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you submitted the booking form during our normal hours of operation then you can expect to get a call back usually within ten minutes of submitting the request. The callback time may be longer during peak times. If you are submitting the booking outside of our normal hours of operation then you will get a callback after 5pm on the following day.

15. How many stops am I allowed to make on my way to my destination?

We strongly encourage people to use a Designated Driver service as an A to B service. Our goal is to get you home as safely and quickly as possible. With standard designated driver services you are permitted to make one stop, no longer than 10 minutes, along the way. If you require multiple stops we recommend taking advantage of our custom fit driving service.

16. Once my ride is confirmed can I change my pickup time or location?

We strongly encourage people to stick to their original pickup time and pickup location. If you need to change your pickup time or location then it is entirely based upon availability and cannot be guaranteed. If you change your pickup time to a time that we cannot accommodate or if you change your pickup time and refuse the availability that is offered to you then there is no refund on dispatch fee.

17. How many people can ride with me?

You can bring as many people with you as can be safely seat-belted into you vehicle including your Designated Driver, who will occupy your driver’s seat.

18. Can you drive me to my vehicle if I have to park at another location other than my requested pickup location?

No. As a Designated Driver company we do not hire cars, we hire drivers. We do not have any vehicles which are licensed or insured to carry commercial passengers. All passengers must ride in the vehicle of the person who is requesting the service.


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