Designated Driver Services

Sober Girls Designated Drivers can drive you in your own vehicle when you either can't or shouldn't do so yourself. We have a variety of Designated Driver Services that can help you get a safe ride home almost anywhere between North Vancouver and Chilliwack, BC. All of the drivers who we dispatch have a minimum of 10 years driving experience with no DUI's or at-fault accidents. Below is a list of a few of the ways we can help.

Impaired Service:

Sober Girls Designated Drivers is a safer alternative to driving your vehicle while you are impaired. We will drive you in your own vehicle to most destinations Vancouver and Chilliwack, BC. Our friendly, professional designated drivers, with over 10 years of clean driving experience, will get you and your vehicle to where you are going safely. Our designated driver services are cheaper than a round trip taxi fare and you never have to worry about leaving your vehicle unattended overnight. Have the peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle is safe where you are.

Vehicle Interlock Service:

We drive vehicles with ignition interlock systems. When your vehicle won't let you start it because you have too much alcohol in your system, call Sober Girls Designated Drivers. We can drive almost anything!

Day Surgery Pickup Service:

Designated drivers are not just for people who have been consuming alcohol. Have the convenience of driving your vehicle to your surgery or other medical procedures that may leave you feeling drowsy and know that you and your vehicle will get home safely. Please keep in mind that we are not medical professionals nor are we certified care providers. If you require special medical care or supervision than you may need to find a more qualified service.

Airport Pick-Up Service:

After a long flight the thought of driving home may be discouraging. Let Sober Girls Designated drivers meet you at the airport and make the final moments of your vacation stress-free.

Errand Running Services:

Sometimes you just don't feel like driving or maybe you have a suspended license? Our designated drivers will drive you in your own vehicle while you run your errands.


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