“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC “want the public to know that British Columbia in particular has tied the interlock into not only federal convictions, but license provisions under provincial law. The ideal program is easy to get on for all offenders at the cost of around $1,700 while the 8-hour to 16 hour education program that costs suspected drunk drivers is another $880 and you get to pay for the program ;not to mention impound charges. Vehicle interlocking devices are kept installed in a vehicle until evidence from the interlock data roll indicates that there are No failed attempts in three months. Some people interviewed through a “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” study said their interlocking device is humiliating one said “I need to have this machine and if I don’t blow a blood-alcohol concentration of zero I am not moving and then when I do get moving I have to pull over to blow again not even 10 minutes later”.
According to the provincial Ministry of Transportation, there are about 13,000 drinking and driving convictions recorded annually. Approximately 80% of convicted drunk drivers are first-time offenders. That is astounding and this is why we want to get the word out about these devices because if you have a interlock device and should someone else wish to drive your vehicle as a “Designated Driver” in which the device is installed, they too will have to provide a breath sample in order for the car to start up. With a vehicle interlock device the Superintendent will review all the program activity reports near the end of the interlock term. As long as there have been no program violations, the driver will be able to have the interlock removed at the end of their term this is also subject to a final violation-free program activity report. Once these requirements have been met and the device will only then be removed and drivers can go to a Driver Licensing Center to apply for a driver’s license without the interlock restriction. “At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we want to give some advice if you already have a vehicle interlock so you get some ideas of why your interlock device is not working properly:
1. Missed service appointments once installed your ignition interlock device will give you daily reminders of when your service appointment will be, and if you miss your appointment, your vehicle will be put in permanent lockout. At that point you’ll have to have it towed into the service center for a lockout reset, so be sure to always attend your service appointments.
2. Alcohol on your breath a common main reason why ignition interlock device won’t allow the engine to start. It’s always good to have a designated driver experienced with interlock devices.
3. Tampering with the device as “Sober Drivers” we are here to get your vehicle home safe and device tampering is not recommended or a wise choice. If you try to remove or disable the device yourself, you could also be locked out of your vehicle. The Device is smart and it will know that it’s been tampered with and you will only delay its removal.

We asked our customers at “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” to leave some advice for customers from personal experience having the device.

• “I am so overwhelmed with the interlock device I will never drink and drive again.”
• “You know I’ve never put myself in a position like this before now leaving work I am embarrassed that my co-workers would see it”.
• “I realized; I now realize that there are some changes I have to make in my life.”
• “The interlock has taught me a good lesson and it has also forced me into situations where if I go out and I'm driving, I am forced to not drink and overall, I don't feel that bad.”

We as “Designated Drivers” in “Greater Vancouver” want everyone to get a safe ride home and we want to share our studies and customer experience with the public so we all have a better understanding of the consequences and dangers of drinking and driving. We talk a lot about distracted driving and driving tired however we have to remember the leading cause of road collisions up to date is because of drunk drivers.

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