“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” likes to focus on service and quality of the food and drinks establishments are serving. Citrus flavours like lime and lemon, every Bar should have on hand to add flavor and freshness to drinks. Some Patrons choose drinks that have a sour or are of a bitter taste like unsweetened cranberry juice that can add a unique flavor boosting to your mixed drink. It is best that the establishment you choose has a diversity in flavours. Orange is used as a natural sweetener with bartenders using the zest juice or zest to add a punch of citrus flavour to drinks. Orange rinds or slices are also used as colorful and fragrant garnishes. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” wants our customers to enjoy the night out after working for the man every night and day because this is your night out and your hard earned money and you want it to be worth every penny. Digital drink menus are quickly becoming the #1 most popular bar and restaurant trends in BC, Let talk about menu’s because we all love good eats but when you are going out you are paying for quality and you expect deliciousness. For foods that are more complicated and require more prep work than simple batches of fries or quick burgers, you are probably going to pay around $15 or more; however slider burgers and nachos and such should never cost as much as heavy prepared menus items. Beer is always a good all-around choice that pairs well with carbs, red meats, and heavier food in general, while mixed drinks and specifically cocktails can be tailored to specifically accent certain dishes. Wine pairings are already an established and common knowledge; it takes most of the guess-work and experimentation out of your menu choice. Many savory items like salt and bacon mixed into dessert items are becoming a popular choice. Salted caramel will be in everything from ice cream to cheesecakes to croissants and even pies. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC have a places to go page on the website where you can choose from a variety of Establishments that are approved to be on our website.

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