Set ground rules always because intoxicated people aren’t always the easiest to reason with. But if you stick to the same rules every time you hopefully they will stick in their heads.

  • Seatbelts. ALWAYS.
  • Upfront payment credit card deposit
  • No excessively loud music
  • There is no such thing as calling shot gun the owner of the vehicle is up front
  • No fighting
  • No food stops
  • 1 drop-off point during busy time
  • Don’t get involved in disagreements or tantrums: if they can’t behave, they can get a cab
  • Keep plastic bags and water in the car for anyone feeling queasy

Remember as a driver its your licence: your rules. Be sure to keep a cab number handy for anyone who can’t quite grasp the rules. We as designated drivers have the right to refuse service to anyone who cant check themselves.


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