There has been some dishonesty in the designated driver industry in regards to bonding and we want to touch on that subject in regards to “safe rides”. The first question you may have is “who does bonding”?  Well an insurance company does bonding that is limited to ICBC because ICBC is the customer’s insurance provider which overrides all others. To start lets define bonded – a bond is a third-party guarantee promising to pay if a vendor does not fulfill its obligations under a valid contract. Did you sign or agree to a contract which must not be limited to one driving job to obtain your “safe ride”?  We do not want to bend your brain too much but we want you to be able to wrap your head around the concept of bonding not to be mistaken for bondage (no pun intended). The idea of bonding is for a firm that may have employees to bond hence the question on many job applications “are your bondable” yet that employer will still do a criminal records check. This type of employee bonding is for covering a mistake that would result in losses for a client; however currently in our industry that provides “safe rides” ICBC covers us. So let’s together take a closer look at bonding types the first as discussed above is bonding insurance it is if in the event you have a contract with a client and if the contract is not met than as a client you would be covered. A good example of this would be if a firm does not complete a project, this is very common in the construction industry; just look at the Asian Centre in Surrey BC that still stays empty they were bonded and the clients were paid out and the job is yet still incomplete. I bet those contractors were relieved to be bonded under those circumstances. Insurance companies more than often take these kinds of matters to court which may result in complete bankruptcy. Let’s talk about Fidelity bonds yes Fidelity not Felicity although we all love to say “bye Felicia”. This type of bonding is specific for those businesses where losses can be incurred specifically due to employee dishonesty and is a very common for maid services because no one wants the maid to walk out with Granny’s engagement ring or Aunt Berthas gold and diamond broach. Lastly there are miscellaneous bonds which fall under categories such as environmental, permits, and customs. SGDD is a “safe ride” service we are not claiming to be insurance guru’s however we know that “safe rides” cannot get bonded because SGDD had looked into it in 2014 when we opened. We encourage you to research yourself because your will find out the closest to bonding a “safe ride” service can get is liability insurance. Liability insurance will not cover driver no show’s and it will only cover theft in the event the driver is left alone with your vehicle and as we all know those stereo decks are in hot demand. Okay all jokes aside we are driving you in your vehicle under an ICBC policy and we check all our drivers abstracts and claims history. Anyone can say im bonded however we do not take a drivers word for, it and all our drivers have to agree to our criminal records check which includes the vulnerable sections because no one wants to get groped by a “Kevin Spacey” well on a “safe ride”. Run on sentences and jokes aside most DD services want to offer a safe and secure service however there are a lot of shoddy fly by nights. These individuals are not following any sort of industry standard and you often see their business cards in bars. We encourage you to look them up through their head office city; there are excel spreadsheets on all city websites which will show which companies are licensed. In the event there is nothing online such as a business license or even a name attached to their phone number it’s probably a shoddy business to say the least. We could not imagine what other types of behavior people who cannot even list a business owners name on a phone number must be into. Don’t risk your safety with “safe rides” because leaving your car behind may be a better option as opposed to a criminal driving you. If a “safe ride” company claims they are bonded by law they must present the bonding documentation to you if they refuse to please contact consumer affairs as it is an offence that may result in a penalty. It is illegal to claim to be a bonded company as it is to claim to be a police officer. As discussed above how we keep “safe rides” safe is through criminal records checks and ICBC claims history checks and driver’s abstract checks. We also keep “safe rides” safe through licensing and listing our services and contacts. We keep the service honest though the integrity of our terms of service. It’s not rocket science to offer a great “safe ride” service to the public. First a company should not hide the owners and operators names. Secondly the phone number should be listed and again the business should be licensed through their home city AKA head office. SGDD founder worked for Surrey schools for 6 years in special education and has reference to that which is easily confirmed by calling Surrey Schools head office. We understand there is a lot of gossip surrounding Brandy Parlett but it’s clearly only because SGDD has brought a lot of light to changes that need to be made in the “safe ride” industry. Well perhaps the squeaky wheel gets the grease but in SGDD’s case we just got the greasy, dishonest, lying, scandalous media pigs who do not value terms of service, or background checks of any type. In life those who try to discredit the best end up discrediting themselves. In our last blog we did discuss how SGDD is built of stronger material than concrete and we will not back down because we fight for what is right. So here we are almost four years later still blogging, still innovating and you better believe it that for years to come we are still going to be here. We want all the good, bad and ugly out on the table in regards to the “safe ride” industry because you and your family do not deserve to be in the middle of a drug dealer’s mule or be at risk for either sexual assault or battery unless your started to get physical than in that case its on like Donkey Kong! (self defense). Everyone who makes the right choice to get a “safe ride” home deserves a reputable and respectable company like SGDD. Thanks for reading our blog and stay safe.

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