Booking a Designated Driver in Vancouver can be stressful when your ready to go home. Sometimes people call a Designated Driver service and  are told a wait time of 2 hours or 1 hour at best. The reason is because there are peak times for Designated Drivers in Vancouver and  just like timmies drive through first thing in the morning if your ordering your car on a weekend at  1 am you will have to wait your turn. Calling around for a Designated Driver in Vancouver to get a quicker safe ride home will not change peak times. Some companies will try to refer and at Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ we will refer to another licensed and insured company or get you a cab. If you cannot  wait  Sober Girls Designated Drivers also offers you a service where we drive you back to your car  the next day (you sober) we do this as a courtesy and its completely free(some restrictions apply). My point in this blog is to let everyone know that it is smart to pre book your ride with Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ online booking page under our services tab. Sober Girls do our very best to take care of all our valued customers and we also value new business by offering 25% off and if you become a repeat customer we commit ourselves to the 25% discount just for using Sober Girls Designated Drivers.The first time you order your getting 25% off, Second time you pay regular price and the third time you pay the repeat 25% off indefinitely.




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