The Type of People that run designated drivers services are not in it for the money considering the stress ratio to money ration is so divided. Designated Driver Service was never meant to be a big box company for some millionaire to get richer off of; it’s a service for people that want to help people. When Sober Girls started doing rides we were not Sober Girls it was just a mom living out of her car the very car that now holds the Sober Girls Logos. At that time Sober Girls was given overflow calls from other small family run DD services we gratefully took any ride offered to us from 2 kilometers to 200. We were living out of the now “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” car and my daughter was 14 years old at that time and she could not drive so I would drive as close to a pick up as possible and walk to the customers car to drive the customer while my daughter waited in the car for me to get back by foot, public transit or by taxi. My daughter would be scared at night in the car even though I always parked at open gas stations 7/11 or a Macks but I made a promise to her that this business in the community will help make our life a little better. The amount of people in our communities living in poverty is staggering and homelessness does not make someone a loser in life more than half of the population is one paycheck away from poverty. If you are reading this and being judgmental and in thinking I am just irresponsible think again I worked as a special educator for Surrey Schools for more than 6 years in fact I have worked my entire life. The reason why I am writing this blog is because I think it is important the public knows how disgusting some people behave towards service people and those wishing to pull themselves out of poverty or make extra cash for their kids and families. Our drivers all have empathy towards others and mostly anyone willing to do the job of a designated driver is understanding and empathetic towards fellow man. I want to make this clear that the post-traumatic stress disorder that has risen from homelessness has taken a toll on me and my daughter as it does many. Some people try to justify homelessness by saying in other countries its worse and yes we agree but we are not talking about other countries, because here in Canada no child should have to be homeless, and changing the subject to other countries does not make it right. Now that we are stronger we have dedicated ourselves to be the best paying designated driver company and we are also dedicated to putting money where it belongs which is into school lunch programs, summer camps for kids. Coat drives for the homeless, and heart and stroke research to name a few. I want to bring aware to the public all the bullying me and my daughters company has been through due to those who wish to make the designated driver industry a big wig business and now blame Sober Girls in them failing to do so because Sober Girls is so far ahead of them in the industry. We want everyone to know that we are making ends meet and so are all of our drivers because we are not consumed by ego and greed we are just real people helping people make good decisions.

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  1. The vulgar and disgusting treatment and the imposture people are displaying Cyber Bullying which is asinine considering they are so called adults. I see why you focus on the community support aspect so much, people have a piss poor attitude toward service people, their gross language toward the mentally disabled and racist comments about you being white trash needs to end.
    What really pisses me off is how you they are representing themselves as Sober Girls and the owners I hope for the cyber bullies they get dished out the bad karma that is well deserved.

  2. I’m astonished by how your giving to charity and having good business practice, and how determined you are to point out that there’s something wrong with people talking about a designated driver service the way they do. Please, stop talking to the about yours and your daughter situation and the public will show empathy homelessness is no joke these people harassing your company need to get right before they say anything else. There’s something very wrong here, we as a society need to include everyone especially those with debilities.

  3. Sober Girls are good people, but just lack skills. Sometimes you need understand the situation and reflect on how it could have been handled better, the people that resorted to shame shame take a deep breath and apologize. no ones actions was OK and both should be condemned. I hope you take something away from this on how to handle situations in the future and I hope your daughter is well and understands its no ones fault. Actions either have consequences or rewards, choose actions that are rewarding. I know Sober Girls will get through this and know that you have supporters.

  4. rules about the phone needing to be answered is simple Sober Girls shows up when they say they will but they cannot wait all night…they do get more clients than us.

  5. Cyber Bullies there will be reprocussions. Please check legalities of your actions before committing them. So not impressed!

  6. Just got off the phone with my lawyer and he said he will be happy to help Sober Girls in respects to the slander and cyber bullying thearts come of all the lies posted.. In person consultation early next with Sober Girls.. Looks like we will be filing for a minimum of 500,000! We are going to sift through the evidence and maybe we can get more media attention on the fact Sober Girls is getting cyber bullied. Keep an eye out for a summons bullies! The review I posted was completely changed to a 1 star and they are trying to ruin Sober Girls online presence to promote your business. Like I said before, people just can’t do whatever they want because it suits them for the internet moment.

  7. Know that you have supporters Sober Girls you are doing a good thing you are the unsung hero’s 100%. I am going to find someone to help you with your society that you got going. No one deserves to be slammed for trying to give back, Shame Shame on the media and people involved unbelievable sad for you.

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