I want to write this blog about charity work and how Designated Driving has always been based on  HELPING so I think that its only right in todays society that a Designated Driving Company in Vancouver does help within the community. I know for a fact that Sober Girls will only keep drivers that are committed to raising funds and will soon require drivers to pay 5% out of every working night to give back because as of now the company owner (myself) alone is doing all the charity work. Sober Girls is dedicated to giving back because it is who we are. I like to see more volunteer minded people working for Sober Girls because the money we make for driving is just an added bonus and should be appreciated and shared to help the community. I am always happy to give my time for free being a mother of disabled children the Easter Seals charity is one of my very personal causes because these kids need the support as do the parents who struggle everyday. Please apply for employment to help if you are a charity please contact us we are looking to have 12 charities by the end of this year as of now we have 3. Sober Girls looks forward to many good strong years ahead of helping keep the roads safe and raising money to help our community and those communitiessober-girls-designated-drivers-meat-draw we serve.

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