It’s that time of year to start planning “a safer way home” BC and that may be having a friend or family member be a designated driver, leaving your vehicle at home, public transport a taxi or even a paid “safer way home” services like ours. We encourage everyone to pre-plan before drinking because it is the most responsible thing you can do this “holiday season “and indefinitely because losing a loved one to drunk driving is the worst possible thing that could happen. The “holiday season” is about family, friends, food and drink and so we can all be good hosts by making sure everyone gets a “safer way home”. Work place parties are lots of fun it’s time to relax and get to know your coworkers on a more personal level and we all want to see all staff get a “safer way home” this holiday season. This time of year is a time for love and joy a time for people to come together in peace and a time to celebrate. We all know with many celebrations will come some spirits even for those who do not regularly drink alcohol. We know many people do not regularly drink but we know during this time of year people will chose to have a toast to the New Year. It is very easy to drink over the limit because our laws are almost zero tolerance that is why we do not want any of you lovely people who are out for a good time to get into any trouble. Santa Clause won’t be happy if you blow over and lose your wheels and that would not be a good way to start off the New Year not to mention the high possibility of death. There are many options as discussed previous on how to get a “safer way home” and designated drivers are not the only options. If transportation becomes completely unattainable during the busy holidays considering benefiting from our hotel directory on our website or simply staying the night where you are. We also want to touch on over intoxication do not over do it this Holiday season just pace yourself and stay in control of your body and functions. We want to help everyone not only make a good decision to plan a safe way home but also have in place plan B and C, not drinking yourself sick and, staying the night somewhere. Be smart and be responsible a lot of people love and care about you and first responders want you to stay safe. Sober Girls Designated Drivers wants you to stay safe and look after yourself this holiday season while out enjoying celebrations.

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