On October 23, 2017 at approximately 1:20pm we called the city of Surrey about having a booth at the tree lighting festival. That phone call is recorded and we have reviewed the recording where the representative for the city of Surrey clearly states “it’s a conflict of interest”. We were told by city staff that it would be a conflict of interest because Operation Red Nose was going to have a booth at the event. Operation Red Nose is a volunteer’s service that offers Designated Driver Services in the same manner Sober Girls Designated Drivers does. The City of Surrey is where the founder and her daughter 14 years old at the time had to sleep in the very Sober Girls Designated Drivers cruiser your see on photos the white ford focus with Sober Girls Logo’s. The city of Surrey was paid for their business licensing up until last year when Sober Girls Designated Drivers moved our head office out to Abbotsford BC because we had been told that we cannot renew our business license there at that time. Low and behold we find out that the city of Surrey in place of Operation Red Nose not having enough drivers to operate in Surrey this year that they put an hourly round trip driving service in their place at the “tree lighting festival”. The hourly round trip vehicle service they put in place of Operation Red Nose supports over intoxication by promoting round trips in turn promoting pre drinking before heading out and they are also not within industry standards for designated drivers. Over intoxication from alcohol is one of the leading causes of death in Canada and we would never support being intoxicated before going for a night out. A Designated Driver Service specialize in A to B services; meaning you drive your vehicle to your event or party while Sober and a “Designated Driver” picks you up after you have been drinking and drives you in your vehicle home. A designated driver service does not make a client pay hourly to stay with their vehicle without the client in the vehicle. Designated Drivers require our clients to be with their vehicle during the entirety of the trip. We just want to make this blog public to show the public that the city officials are the reason for all their own poverty related issues and homelessness. The city of Surrey has a vested interest in those with deep pockets and they are only interested in getting their pockets filled by the rich. The city of Surrey does not support family businesses or even small businesses. We will never ever open our head office in Surrey because Abbotsford has been much more inviting and is overall a more community orientated city hall. If you are reading this consider this as a red flag about that hourly service who claims to be Designated Drivers because they are not Designated Drivers. Sober Girls Designated Drivers was never in the business position to have to give $100 dollars away to get people to use our service. The only vouchers we ever gave away is for charity events and we give a charity rate for their patrons too. Think of it this way “If a company has to beg and plead for business at a tree lighting festival with large voucher amounts than its not successful”. Designated Driver Services speak for themselves and people want to use them and those people do not want to be hounded by the media and city hall to use an expensive round trip hourly service. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC slamming another service because the service is not within the industry standard for Designated Drivers. This is a strong public warning that hourly charging round trip services in your vehicle are not within the industry standards for Designated Drivers and will cost you hundreds of dollars. The only reason why Sober Girls wanted to a booth for the tree lighting festival was to introduce Douglas the Sober Squirrel at the tree lighting festival. It’s unfortunate that the city of Surrey has discriminated against; Douglas our Sober Girls mascot who loves children and community. We want to urge the public to do some industry research and look into Designated Driver Services you will find none of them advertise an hourly rate as the sole purpose of the service. These Designated Driver Services like ourselves are trying to save lives by offering a means to get you in your vehicle home and we definitely do not promote round trip pre drinking and over intoxication services. Did you know alcohol over intoxication is responsible for more hospital visits than heart attacks in 2017 in BC alone. It seems the city of Surrey wants to promote over intoxication this Christmas with round trip service friends. The City Of Surrey just ignores A1 Designated Drivers, Home Safe Designated Drivers, Sober Girls Designated Drivers and all the other 22 Designated Driver Companies and they pretend that our services do not exists. Let’s look at it this way the City of Surrey wants people to be over intoxicated and spend too much money to have some stranger sit in their parked vehicle while getting grossly over served at a venue. These people at city hall in Surrey are not only crooked but have no regard for the public’s best interest. The only interest city hall has is how much more money they can get into their pockets such as with the rip off of an hourly charging stay with your vehicle service while being over intoxicated. Please see Health Canada for more information on alcohol over intoxication. Be safe this holiday season take care of your family and finances it is okay to be frugal and use a Designated Driver Service we drive you in your car home safe.

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