I wanted to take this time to write about contests and giveaways at no time is it tactful for any business to claim to giveaway gift cards and other stuff and not assert themselves on how and what is being given; this leads me to believe its a scam to profit off people who think they are  getting some kind of opportunity or offer when its no different then applying online to win it never happens and then they keep your information to hound you in the future. Sober Girls only does gift card giveaways for charity and in concert with local businesses. In February we gave away gift cards for Boston Pizza, The Keg, Cactus Club and Wild Wing as part of a Valentines Day contest for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Other times we Support other charities The Canadian Red Cross and Easter Seals which is this month we give other offers for charity  such as half off your pick up fee. We are also are doing  meat draws at The Barrel Pub every Sunday at 3pm for charity. My point is that I feel giveaways should have more of a purpose then just to get business but to support a good cause!giving

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