“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is happy to present Custom Fit “Driver Services” for those who have their own vehicle whom are not currently able to use it for transportation. We want to expand the way you think about “Driver Services” because your car is your life line; so why not have a lifeline driver service available? “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has made headway in the “Driver Service” industry by providing addition services to fit almost any lifestyle. There are so many ways you can benefit from having a vehicle why not utilize every way possible Just imagine the possibilities. Our Custom Fit “Driver Service” helps you utilize your vehicle with medical treatments/ surgery, dental surgery, medical emergencies, weddings, events, impounded vehicles, multiple stops, drop offs and much more. With our Custom Fit “Driver Service” we have more surprises to come so keep your eyes on our website to learn more. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has been dedicated to moving our industry forward in a way that supports the community and all our operators; from launching charity rates, Low income rates, and best of all discontinuing cancelation fees for our Designated “Driver Service”. Why pay a $40 to $50 fee for cancelling a service that is driving your vehicle that is just not fair at all. Our Custom Fit Driving Services are a perfect addition to an already invaluable service. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has already served over 9000 customers even giving referrals to other “Driver Services” supporting those who need the service. The Custom Fit “Driver Service” is simple to book and you can coordinate your ride a head of time with one of our ride coordinator’s so that everything runs smoothly. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is committed to be the best service in the lower mainland; we are here to support our customers, operators and the communities we serve. Custom Fit your “Driver Service” today and enjoy the comfort and security of your very own car and driver.

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