What sort of questions have been called? It is pretty clear from our professional website and our online tools that there is nothing to question. We would like to question the fiction customer in a court of law but we cannot serve this fiction customer “Michelle Briann” with a cease and desist and secondly with the notice of mediation hearing. The news is lying when it comes to trashing local businesses and are only pulling strings for their “friends” because they think that regular family business people are not important. Using contacts in the media to destroy our family business won’t work and this whole Sober Girls Designated Drivers Customer Service Called into Question is not only biased but discriminatory and weak. We want those who worked so hard to pull off this scandal to know that you have not effected the founder or her daughter and the business is still thriving mainly because the public and the masses see through the lies. This is all about Sober girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC being all over google and dominating the top spot in google and this is also about spoiled children who have become adults whom are all pouting because we have something the never will. We at Sober Girls Designated Drivers know it’s a sore spot with those “business degree people” and the “extremely wealthy” that a single mom and her daughter who lived in a car started a business that is now what is considered to be the people’s choice. We are happy to work with those Designated Driver companies who are in industry standards for pricing if they behave without discrimination of our family status. Sure you can run our names through the mud and harass a 17 year old girl who had to go through being homeless at 14 but it won’t get you far with the public and lets face it people find that tacky. We know there is extreme attempts to bury the truth in the media that our government leaves families like ours to homelessness with absolutely no housing supports and no funding. We will continue to plaster the truth all over “single mom and daughter starts business after having to live in a car”. Why did CKNW and other news outlets not mention that two girls went from homelessness to number one designated driver service in the lower mainland? Why are they scapegoating and using people who do not book under a real name? Breaching our service terms as a witness makes an argument that much more invalid. A witness to what the stupidity of the “customer service” story let’s get real though any business owner would agree some customer cannot be pleased and some are really just trying to cause hardships on a business. We have freedom of press too and we deserve to be heard and we advocate against homelessness because we know how it is to not have a place and to not have a place to belong in the community because the rich and self-entitled educated are paying off the media to perform scandal on unsuspecting victims who start anything in business that they want. Within talks with our webmaster it is his opinion that this whole entire issue is really about Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC web presence over competition like Kater who would never dare attack Uber like they have us. We are still waiting for the big court date Kater promised us we cannot wait to tell the judge that we were open first that we had to restructure our services because of them and that they trashed us in the media when they clearly do not stand a chance in getting any sort of win in court. We have anti-poverty pro bono lawyers and disability advocates ready for our day in court with Kater but so far all they have delivered is an empty promise. Sure by mentioning Kater we are probably are pulling them to the front page of google with us but this is good let have the public decide what they want Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC or Kater Technologies. We are not going anywhere we will never take our website down under any circumstances and they will not bully us out of our place in the community. Like it or lump it we are going to be around for many years to come because our service is affordable, organized. Community friendly. family run and it simply speaks for itself. We have been giving safe ride since 2014 and we have had many happy customers sure it is not always perfect but we try to make things rights for our customers who are not in breach or our service terms. If at any time that a customer does not mail disputes@sobergirls.ca than we cannot process a formal complaint however our drivers always deal with any concerns head on and with grace. We are going to be selling shirts that say I survived “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” because after all did anyone die using the service? Did “Michelle Briann” die? Did we cause “Michelle Briann” to die that night by denying her service? Which was due to her breach of our terms. We write these blog because this is not the court of public opinion here this is about a mother and daughter paving a better life and making a living. Our family did not deserve this media scandal and we dare Kater of anyone else to go after Uber the way they did us because Uber would hand them their asses in court. Lastly to the reporters that do not know how to investigate an industry Sober Girls Designated Drivers are not a ride-for-hire and we do not fall into that transportation category because we do not transport people in a fleet vehicle but in the customers own vehicle. We are outright calling these unethical people out on their lies. Thanks again for reading our blog and getting the other side of the story.

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