Bad Customer Service is Killing Thousands of People Everywhere!

CKNW/AM730 has questioned Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ bad customer service because foul language and strict policies have been killing drivers everywhere. The fact that Sober Girls Designated Drivers have been helping keep drunk drivers off the road for over 3 years now is not enough. If Sober Girls Designated Drivers don’t start having better customer service by being polite and by allowing the customers to abuse them then it could be the cause of insurance premiums going up thousands and could costs hundreds of people their lives. Everybody knows that the secret to being a good driver is to be polite and to allow others to abuse you. Do you believe me? Well… you should because it’s on the Internet and that makes it real.

Okay, okay… maybe it didn’t exactly happen like that but exactly how bad is Sober Girls Designated Drivers customer service… and does it really matter?

The Better Business Bureau Helps Extort Sober Girls Designated Drivers

AM730 sates…

“The Better Business Bureau is looking into complaints filed against a Surrey designated driving service, accused of verbally harassing its customers.”

Maybe this quote should read…

“The Better Business Bureau helps fictitious people slander and extort a local, family owned business.”

Is this true? Well… it must be true, the Internet let me post it…. everything online is true… just like online reviews and Facebook hate groups… right?

Can anybody help me think of a reason why a small, family run business would verbally harass its customers? Maybe it was because the customer was never a customer so, it never really happened. Maybe it was because the customer was real and didn’t do anything wrong and Sober Girls Designated Drivers just love to verbally harass people. The better business has NEVER been able to provide an actual case of a real customer who has used Sober Girls Designated Drivers and who has been verbally harassed. While we are on the topic of “harassment” lets look at the actual definition of the word:

Harassment: ‘Aggressive pressure or Intimidation’… as stated in the dictionary.

Exactly how is it that Sober Girls Designated Drivers were able to apply aggressive pressure or intimidation towards anyone? Looks to me like somebody has to check their definitions a little more closely before making false accusations. On top of that the better business has allowed fictitious people to post false complaints against Sober Girls Designated drivers in regards to so-called bad customer service without providing any evidence that they were even customers. When contacted by Sober Girls, the BBB stated that the comments could be moderated if they paid for a membership. Hmmm… sounds like extortion. Who is applying the aggressive pressure here? Sounds like the BBB is harassing Sober Girls over false customer service claims.

Michelle Briann Cries About Nothing!


AM730 states…

“Port Coquitlam woman Michelle Briann’s Facebook post warning the public about Surrey-based “Sober Girls Designated Drivers” is going viral, with thousands of shares.”

First of all, THERE IS NO PORT COQUITLAM WOMAN NAMED MICHELLE BRIANN! Fake name, fake customer, fake complaints. Also, let’s talk about viral. Viral would imply that a significant percentage of the population is participating in the sharing of something. I wouldn’t call only 2400 shares, which are amongst several fake Facebook accounts viral. Do you realize that there are approximately 4.6 Million people in the province of British Columbia? 2400 out of 4.6 million is only 0.05% … not even half a percent of the population. As far as how many people listen to AM730 goes… there’s no real way to measure that but I’m sure with the ever increasing number of people who are ditching their MP3 players for AM Radios, the number must be staggering… haha. But then again… does it really matter?

With that being said, I guess the whole article is about a person who used a fake name (sounds like a trustworthy person) who made a complaint to a radio station that doesn’t know what viral means. No… wait a minutes… THAT’s not what the story was about… let’s continue.

AM730 state…

“Briann says she booked a ride online to pick her up from a wedding Saturday night, but the driver failed to show.”

How did Briann book a ride if she doesn’t exist? Oh yah… I forgot… she IS REAL because the Internet says so. Briann fails to mention that her ride was referred to another company that takes overflow rides for Sober Girls Designated Drivers. Sober Girls Designated Drivers WERE NOT assigned to provide the fake customers safe ride.

AM730 states…

“She claims when she asked for a refund of her $20 deposit, owner Brandy Parlett unleashed a slew of degrading comments in text messages, and online.”

Let’s talk about this “slew of degrading comments”. What comments were made? Why were they made? What led up to these comments being made? Were the comments even made? Of COURSE the comments were made… AM730 says so and AM730 is the judge who oversees all matter of “he-said, she-said”. Why would anyone make comments to somebody who isn’t even a customer? But, even better, why would a customer complain about a NON-REFUNDABLE fee that they were made well aware at the time of booking? If she wasn’t Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ customer then what happened to the deposit? Well, it’s not a deposit… it’s a dispatch fee. The ride was dispatched… she got the service and chose not to follow through. Keep in mind that to date… the so-called “Michelle Briann” is the ONLY customer who has ever had a dispute over the dispatch fee. Real customers understand that it is non-refundable.

The false Briann states:

“I think where they went wrong is where she calls me names and told me to piss off in responding to a customer complaint.”

What names were called to the fake person who breached Sober Girls Designated Drivers’ terms of service? It must be true though because the person who used their fake name said so.

AM730 states…

“A Facebook page has been created by people alleging harassment from Sober Girls where they post pictures of their interactions with the company.”

Facebook is a social networking site that never lets anybody post fictitious or false information so everything on Facebook is completely true… especially if it was posted in a hate group… those are the most legitimate groups of all! Hate groups on facebook are never created by competing companies who are trying to trash another company. Everything on Facebook is accurate and true… and 2400 people makes it viral. I think it is pretty clear to see that the only thing that is viral is the deception created by social media.

It’s amazing how so many people suddenly came forward and created a facebook group on the day that the pillar of society, Briann, came up with her horrific tale of abuse and neglect.

Shelby Thom Exploits The Fatigue of a Tired Designated Driving Team!

AM730 states…
“Parlett declined an interview, but asked her friend “Sam” to speak to CKNW on her behalf.”
How do you speak to a radio station? Why don’t we talk about the reporter, Shelby Thom, who called Sober Girls Designated Drivers early in the morning, after Brandy and Sam were awake until 4am, driving the real customers home. Sam and Brandy were tired, cranky, and were bombarded with prank calls for at least 48 hours leading up to the phone call from Shelby Thom. Shelby Thom showed no interest in discussing the amount of harassment that Sober Girls Designated Drivers have been receiving and showed no empathy for the fact that they didn’t believe that she was a real reporter because they were tired from working and being pranked all night. But the people of Sober Girls Designated Drivers are lying about all of that because it’s not mentioned in the AM730 article… or on the Internet… and again, we all know that the only truth out there is either Facebook or CKNW/AM730. I bet Shelby Thom is feeling great about herself right now… how dare they be rude with her… that’s bad customer service… I hope nobody was injured by the sarcasm.
AM730 Claims that Sam stated…
“I am unaware of such text messages, we do communicate with our drivers through text messaging, but not with our customers.”

Keep in mind… it is impossible to change your phone number and make it look like text messages are being sent from another person… UNLESS… you use some spoof dialing software or text spoofing software… Maybe Briann was having a conversation with herself… she obviously has an identity crisis… but if that was true than AM730 would know the truth because they are the judges of all judges.

AM730 states…

“Sam claims Briann didn’t answer her phone to re-confirm her ride.”

It clearly states on the Sober Girls Designated Drivers website that if you fail to maintain contact that you may loose your ride…. but the terms of service of a privately run business don’t matter… it’s all about what a person who doesn’t even exist wants…. and AM730 was there, so they know what was really said… whatever Sam says is just a “Claim”. LOL

AM730 claims that Sam stated…

“There are terms and conditions on the website. They clearly state that if the customer neglects to maintain contact with the dispatch or the driver, that they may forfeit the ride.”

Seems pretty clear to me… read the terms of service before you decide to crap all over a company. Regardless… this so-called “Briann” wasn’t even a customer of Sober Girls Designated Drivers at this point… but let’s let her pretend that she is… just for the sake of being able to continue this block post.

AM730 states AND claims…

“The Better Business Bureau is encouraging people to file Customer Reviews online.”

To this date, not one single legitimate customer has come forward with a complaint… but we appreciate the help with our SEO.

AM730 states…

“The business was formed in November 2014. The City of Surrey says it is licensed.”

That’s sweet… CKNW mentions that the city of Surrey says Sober Girls is licensed… they couldn’t do their research into the legitimacy of “Briann’s” complaints…. I guess comments on that matter wouldn’t have been in “Briann’s” best interest but the chance that Sober Girls might not be licensed was too much to pass up. I find it very amusing how you no longer have to have ANY investigative or research skills to be a reporter.

AM730 states…

“The Sober Girls Designated Drivers website says “we have also launched our very own Sober Girls Fundraising Society, a registered not-for-profit organization, which focuses on helping those who suffer with mental health, addictions, and poverty related obstacles.””

Let’s talk about the word society….

Society: an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity…. as defined in the dictionary.

So, Sober Girls stated that they have established a group of people, organization, or club which share a common interest to help the community. They never claimed to be licensed and they were never asking for donations of money. They provide gifts in kind to the less fortunate. Just the fact that CKNW/AM730 did not know what name to search for when they contacted the business registry is just another example of the reporters amazing research skills. Either way, Sober Girls Designated Drivers was in the process of officially licensing and launching a non-for-profit organization… but decided not to… they don’t need a registration or license to help people… it’s unfortunate that the world has been brain washed to believe otherwise.

AM730 states and claims…

“However BC Registry Services says they do not have a registered society listed under this name.”

What is “this name”? What name were they looking for? What name did Sober Girls CLAIM that it was called? I don’t see what this has to do with a fake person booking a ride with a fake name and then asking for a monetary return that they were never entitled to. Seems to me that CKNW is trying to conduct a witch hunt. Let’s contrast. It doesn’t matter what good Sober Girls Designated Drivers do… let’s focus on the bad… because bad customer service kills people and an unregistered society that gives aways free coats and blankets to the less fortunate is detrimental to everyone’s health. I hope the homeless people ask to see an organization license before they accept any gifts from anyone.

AM730 states…

“Sober Girls Designated Drivers and owner Brandy Parlett are also facing a lawsuit filed by Kater Technologies, which operates a mobile app for private driving services.”

“Court documents say Parlett allegedly accused Kater Technologies of running an unethical scam business that defrauds its customers in online posts.”

“Kater Technologies says it’s a legitimate business, and the online accusations, sometimes written anonymously or using pseudonyms, has lowered its business reputation.”

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

What does Kater have to do with a fake customer who used a fake name? ….Maybe Kater had something to do with this media scandal? If not… then why are they being mentioned? Let’s also mention that Sober Girls Designated Drivers have been around longer than Kater… if Kater needs help with their marketing than participating in a bogus story about a bogus person who called a bogus radio station isn’t the way to do it.

In conclusion:

Sober Girls Designated Drivers make no claims to having great customer service, but their track record shows that they will definitely help you get home safely. At Sober Girls they do their best to provide REAL good customers with a positive experience. That means they will get you home safely but they will not take abuse from the customers. Please be sure to understand how a service works before requesting it. However, in this situation we know that Michelle Briann was not a real person and was NOT an official customer of Sober Girls Designated Drivers. I also find it to be disgusting that a media venue like CKNW would put such effort into dumping all over a business that is owned by a mother and daughter who started out living in their car… with a dream of starting a business that would allow them to be self sustaining while being able to give something back to the community…. GOOD JOB!

People experience bad customer service everyday from all kinds of different business. Many of these people do nothing wrong and are treated very badly by businesses or their staff… and these are real people with legitimate complaints… where is their news story? It is discrimination to post a story about one local businesses bad customer service and to not write a story about EVERY businesses bad customer service. At the very least, the media outlet should do their research to make sure it is even a legitimate complaint…. keep greasing those Palms!


By the way, this blog was NOT written by Brandy Parlett… it was written by Your’s Truly…. the one who thinks Shelby Thom has a nasty face.

PS… let’s talk about face.

Face: Don’t be so quick to think that a face is always physical skin and hair. A face can be the surface of a thing. Yes, I do believe what surfaced from that thing was very nasty! Maybe it would have been more accurate to say that she had a nasty front… but then everyone would be accusing me of looking at her front. No, when I said she has a nasty face, I meant the face of what she represented and how she represented it was completely nasty and disgusting. I can’t wait to see the next story… maybe it will be about how drunk my voice sounds and how Autistic people don’t deserve to volunteer at Designated Driver companies as web developers.









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  1. Very amusing blog I enjoyed the laughs I got. This is better than Jerry Springer. On a serious note what a great idea for a company.

  2. How is customer service news? I feel this news is discriminating that autism man. Good for him he volunteers his skills.

  3. I know Brandy Parlett she has been good to me and my family. As a past driver for this company I know the media pulled a scandal on them. I moved out of Province and I am excited and ready to drive for Sober Girls again when they expand to PG.

  4. Greetings all the way from England. Nice blogging skills. Way to stick up for what you believe in. Not all reporters are as great as me but research is the key.

  5. Excellent read I think the reporter was paid off. A very shady move on their part. A community should support home grown family businesses.

  6. At it again I see. its just like Sobergirlsdd to puke their website and blog all over the internet. Go away the rest of us do not have any google room.

  7. I’m good with bad customer service when people offer a service like this we all should praise them. God bless your souls. From Vernon

  8. People are complaining about fb message from brandy parlett stating all kinds or personal arguments. Who care about a bunch of chicks drama between each other. Women are so screwed in the head. Its so screwed up people are wrongfully saying stuff. People are making up lies about Sober Girls DD who are not even customers.

  9. Why should any business put up with discrimination especially from a media outlet. I see a great service being offered and a nice web presence. Thank you ladies for the service. Hope to see your company open in the USA Soon.

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