“At Sober Girls Designated Drivers BC” we follow the consumer protection act which you can find on the British Columbia’s Queens Printer. In doing so we have learned that a base fee should not include kilometers because clear communication of what a consumer is required to pay for a service should state the per kilometer rate on its own. This means as a consumer you are only liable to pay for a service as advertised and imposed by the service (so you’re stuck paying for those tacked on kilometers). The act is enforced under the business practices and consumer protection act (section 31). Our Sober Drivers are in a league of their own not only understanding how our services work but understanding your needs as a consumer. Some companies who choose to add Kilometers to an initial fee confuse consumers into thinking the “Sober Driver” costs less than the rate total and this leave consumers confused upon paying. We feel adding any kilometers to a base fee may deter consumers with smaller rides from using our services due to expense. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers BC” wants to help end impaired driving and this is why we keep our dispatch fee (base fee) at a low cost and separated from your kilometer rate. Our job is to give out information on our industry and to help consumers make informed decisions when deciding on booking a “Sober Driver”. If you are going 2 kilometers or 200 we will be here to help you get home safely in your vehicle so please do not hesitate to call us. It is important for consumers when making decisions to be informed and although “Sober Girls Designated Drivers BC” are not English scholars or professional blog writers we do have care and consideration for not only your vehicle but your wellbeing. It is entirely up to you to decide what service works for you the best and its up to us to keep everyone informed on industry standards.

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