“Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” the industry leader in Designated Drivers in the Province of BC get asked questions all the time from consumers and potential customers among hundreds of complaints in regards to cancellation  costs of other services who do not have a ride cost estimators or price caps.

Cancellations fees for a lifeline service? A service which is based on the core value of community service, that just does not smell right to us. We as Designated Driver leaders understand the cost of sending a driver but those costs should be taken in and charged before the driver’s arrival in form of a tariff.  For example “Get Home Safe Designated Drivers “charges $70 total after their max 15 minute wait so if you can’t get a cab back to your car fast enough to be within your driver request time you are SOL (sh** out of luck), as was the case with the customer who told us about a nightmare charge on her MasterCard of $70 from the above said company.

These overcharges are a concern because of the fact the customers are not even under legal contract in the event they book over the phone. We time and time again do not see sufficient booking forms or terms of service on the websites for these so call “Get Home Safe”  “Right way Designated Drivers” and  so is that like getting home broke and you will be charged right away without your consent?. We are not bashing them we are pointing out the obvious, so consider it constructive criticism and SGDD respecting the consumer affairs act. Sober Girls Designated Drivers really wants to see everyone succeed but not at the expense of the consumer.

If a company is really in it for the “community service” aspect than why when we get the complaints from consumers and investigate ourselves we cannot not find a heartbeat in dozens of companies combined?  Oh sure sure lets deflect “Sober Girls Customer Service”  which is allegedly so bad  so to speak;  lets project  instead  the “Community Service” aspect onto those who are charging astronomical fee’s, because that is  “Great Customer Service” after all. Do unexpected astronomical fee’s make you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Laugh out Loud yah right  only if you are dead inside. Speaking of dead this is why this industry is dying and has such a dead reputation as a whole, consumers are losing trust by the thousands it’s simply enough to “Go Viral”.

So Sober Girls Designated Drivers continues to look into this issue seeing how our media outlets run on emotions and not fact so someone had to do the leg work because CKNW can’t find their arse with two hands. Thanks John Parlett for the one liner, we concur even though you are an arse yourself.

As we research the internet “A Safe Alternative Designated Drivers” does in fact have the highest cancellation costs at $80 and they will and want to punish you so if you are into being financially abused you can go with them. “Own Designated Drivers will charge you $40 which is so far the lowest but still ouch COME ON!  Another designated driving service called “Discreet Designated Drivers leads by $10 with a $50 cancellation fee and are certainly not leading by any example which we would ever look up too. We found out “Designated Ride” is even Steven with Own Designated Drivers at $40 witch (which) no pun is still cheaper than the rest but WAY more than what your dentist would charge you to cancel an appointment.

This blog is for information only and is not intended to rise ourselves up but to give real information and it’s not intended for drama. We feel financial abuse and the complete and utter violation of the consumer affair act is a big enough problem, if you do not think so call consumer affairs yourself and ask;  there is a reason why a Taxi Cab does not charge a cancellation fee.  Lastly perhaps we are just rude or just so envious of all the other companies (eye roll) or perhaps they can’t handle constructive criticism and are overly sensitive in that case if you are please whine to your parents or cry in your pillow at night because it really does not matter to us. The only thing that matters to us is the integrity of designated driver services in the industry and in Canada.

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