There are a lot of unorganized fly by nights out there trying to pop up just in time for Christmas just to make a quick buck some of them are asking the driver to just upload their drivers license and then they  dont even hire them  to pick you up; these businesses know nothing about the industry and some of them are also even selling the background checks that are not even verified by the RCMP but a third party company and the company is selling the information overseas. Our customer said they tried to use a new company called Karter dot com they asked her for her credit card and insurance information  and drivers licence and not even two days later she was defrauded and all her accounts are currently frozen due to credit card charges from over seas (India). Dont use companies that ask for personal information online and dont trust businesses that are not established like Karter dot com these companies are ran by low level criminals that are not legitimate. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we are dedicated to be the most trusted service in Canada never asking for sensitive information online. Its disgraceful that companies are trying to profit off a community service businesses that originated and are pioneered by family people. These companies are not doing anything to help the community and they don’t care about those less fortunate in the communities they service they just want a quick buck and to sell your information. Stick to Operation Red Nose and other local companies that don’t service India, Shanghai  and other foreign places because ISIS is being funded by fraudulent online businesses currently, and that’s just asking for your information to be sold and defrauded overseas. Also read Karters website if your ordering a car to the bar home it will cost you the $20 an hour plus a $50 surcharge to go anywhere but your original pick up spot and that is Karter even shows up after you wait 2 hours in the cold outside after the bar.Stick to “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” and other local Designated Driving Companies.

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