Designated Driver Safety – Dangerous DD Services in Vancouver!

A designated driver service is a safe alternative to drinking and driving but it is only as safe as the driver. There are many designated driver services in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland of BC but some of them may not be as safe as you would hope. It is very simple for almost anybody to put together a website on a free website builder platform, post a few online ads, and buy an anonymous cellphone. It is also just as easy for these same people to call themselves a designated driver service whether or not they even have a Driver’s License.

Here at Sober Girls Designated Drivers we couldn’t seem to find any practical or useful information regarding designated driving services in Vancouver. Aside from hearing about how clean and new the cars are we haven’t really learned much. Let’s not forget about the Sober Girls’ bad customer service story that was in the news. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually read something positive or useful for a change? Well, here it is!

Here are some hints and tips to help people (I hope I’m still allowed to use the word people) make safer decisions when choosing a designated driver service.

1. Beware of “The Best”. Don’t trust anyone who says, “trust me” or “trust us”.

Anybody who claims to be the best… probably isn’t. Just the term “The Best” is a pretty ignorant statement. The best, compared to what exactly? Definitely beware of any brand new designated driver services that claim to be the best. Exactly how do they know they are the best? Don’t trust anybody who feels the need to tell people to trust them. It’s basic psychology. Why are they trying to size themselves up against everyone? Guilty conscience perhaps?

2. Stolen images and hidden faces.

Anybody can steal somebody else’s images and try to pass them off as their own. If they’ll steal a photo then they’ll steal anything. What are they hiding from exactly? Photos of families doing family things on the family website, that the family designated driver company owns, are always nice. Then again it’s always amusing to do an image search on google and find out that the images were stolen from somebody else’s family! Why are some designated driver companies using other people’s photos, which they have found on Google? Some of them don’t have any original images at all… this is a good reason to believe that the company may be hiding something.

3. Terms of Service are IMPORTANT!

Wouldn’t you agree that before you buy a brand new car that it would be important to understand what you are getting with the warranty? Why would you expect anything less from a service that you are trusting with your life and possibly the lives of your family members.

Every legitimate designated driver service should have clear ‘terms of service’ or ‘terms and conditions’ available for you to read before you use the service. Most legitimate designated driver companies will usually have terms of service somewhere on their website. Quite often the terms of services will be found somewhere in the footer of a website (at the bottom of the website). If you are unable to find the terms of service on the website then don’t be afraid to ask one of the business’ representatives to let you know where they can be found. You have the right to know what you are paying for, how the service works, and what YOUR liabilities are as a customer.

4. Beware of ‘Price-Gouging’ and hidden fees!

Every business needs to make some profit but some companies have such ridiculous rates and hidden fees that it makes you wonder if they even care about public safety. Don’t be afraid to price-shop and ask questions if you are concerned about a certain fee. For example: Is it really fair to charge a cancellation fee if reasonable notice is given? You shouldn’t be penalized for choosing to maybe not drink or to get a ride home with a sober friend instead. Some companies even have base-rates which include a given number of kilometres. What if you don’t live that far away? People who only travel 1 kilometre shouldn’t have to pay full price for a package that includes 10 kilometres. Don’t let anybody take advantage of your vulnerable situation.

5. Beware of the ‘tiny corporation’ or ‘lonely enterprise’.

There are only a few common reasons why a business would want to incorporate. There are some potential tax breaks for corporations. There is the potential to get in on the stock market and sell shares to investors. If you want to be a non-profit or register a charity then it is necessary to incorporate. Then there is always the limited liability from damages done by themselves. Corporations can be a great thing and there are many great corporations out there. Whenever a business claims to be incorporated just ask yourself whether or not that sounds logical. If the company looks to small to have to pay any major taxes and they don’t run a registered non-profit organization, and they can’t be found on Wallstreet then that only leaves one thing… they don’t want to be held accountable if they cause damage or injuries.

6. Get to know your driver. Are they even allowed to drive your vehicle?

Different designated driver companies hire different types of people. Make sure that the designated drive that you get will be covered by your insurance. Is the driver old enough? Does the driver have enough driving experience to be covered by your insurance? Is the driver familiar with the style of vehicle that you have? Don’t be afraid to ask to see your designated drivers Driver’s License. Make sure they even have a Driver’s License …You’d be surprised!


This article contains only a few tips for choosing a designated driver company. Plan to be safe and plan to be wise. If something doesn’t sound right or look right then it probably isn’t right.

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