Many people do not realize that designated drivers are available all year long and services such as “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” are in full swing in January right through the year. A properly structured Designated Driver Service works in the structure that one person is to drive the customer home in his or her vehicle and the other person follows in another car. The idea is that unlike calling a taxi, which only gets you, the individual, home, Designated Driver services will transport you and your vehicle. Rates vary by company but there is an industry standard that reputable companies use which is between $18 and $25 pick up fee and between 1.75km and 2.50km, but some can be as low as $25 for in-town trips, “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” run many fundraising events where in town kilometer trips can be paid by donation, which is comparable to licensed taxis fares and can even cost less — though taxis don’t also drop your car off in your driveway. We always suggest that you make yourself aware of all your alternatives to driving under the influence.  Find out if a Designated Driver service is available and visit their website to make you get familiar with the service they offer.  Find out what it takes to get a ride, how much it will cost, with “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we have our online rate calculator for your planning convenience. Find out where and when the service is available by checking out the hours of operation.  If a Designated Driver service is available to you, make sure that you call and do not give personal information such as credit card numbers over the internet. Sober Girls Designated drivers have a vested interest in keeping drunk drivers off the roads. In an attempt to help make that happen, we offer a “Free Ride Back” to your car the next day. Tip your designated drivers if you can. If you think you have to leave your vehicle overnight make sure to begin the evening by parking somewhere that will be safe from towing, ticketing, or vandalization overnight!

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