Designated Driver Services Teamwork

Designated Driver Services Need To Work Together

Designated Driver services are an important part of our community and a valuableĀ  service to those who need a safe ride home when they are unable to drive themselves. Although there are many Designated Driver services to choose from it is important that we all work together to get people home safely. What happens when a Designated Driver service is unable to pick you up? Should they simply say, “Sorry, we are all booked up?”… or should they offer you a safe alternative? It’s great for the company that is all booked up… but now what are you going to do? Would you feel like that driving service really has your safety and best interest in mind?

We Will Try To Help You Find A Safe Alternative

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we know that we are unable to provide a sober driver for everybody. We don’t want to see anybody get left stranded with their vehicle. If Sober Girls Designated Drivers is unable to provide you with a safe ride home we will to try to help you find a safe alternative. Hopefully every Designated driver service out there will do the same. Some people may not even realize that there are other designated driver services out there. You don’t have to always remember Sober Girls Designated Drivers for driving you home but we want you to remember us for helping you GET home.

We want to be your 1st Choice but we don’t have to be your last call!

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we work with other designated driver services. Our goal is to help get as many people home safely as possible. Although we are a business we are also a community service and greed doesn’t serve anyone. We want to be your 1st choice for a designated driving service but we don’t have to be your last call. When you drink, please do so responsibly. Plan ahead to get a safe ride home. Thank you to everyone who is making an effort to save lives!



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