There are 2 ways designated driver companies get cheated by other company drivers, firstly is that they still work for another designated driver service and they are only there to get information. Secondly they overcharge customers and make personal stops; they also don’t claim tips to the follow car.The spies come from less reputable companies whose drivers obviously have way too much time on their hands due to a lack of business so they blame a more reputable company (Sober Girls) for “stealing business” when in fact customers are sick of being mistreated and sick of being overcharged . The spies are also used to take photo’s of confidential paperwork and obviously steal customers contact information as well as find out where bar referrals and business is coming from; these company spies are willing to risk lawsuits and even criminal charges and they may not even realize the legal trouble they can get into.  If you are a reputable Designated Driver Company you may have had  this happen to you and not even know it, so I will give you some tips to identify a spy. Tip number 1 most drivers from other companies that just want a job will not hide that they worked for another Designated Driver Service. Tip number 2 When training they do not seem to ask to many questions if any at all. Tip number 3 If they are claiming to never work for a Designated Driver service but they seem to know all the target marketing locations and locations of business frequented by Designated Driver Companies. Tip number 4 AVAILABILITY its odd they are never available during peak hours and those days that all Designated Drivers ask for. The behavior is harassment and it is also very unethical business practice. The unethical practices shows how much the government needs to regulate this industry. I do not condone this type of behavior and I would never ask a Designated Driver to do anything that is unethical or against the laws.  I need to talk about Designated Drivers cheating for tips and overcharging customers. Many companies have drivers that think its ok to overcharge and also lie about milage and keep tips without sharing with the follow car. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ has put policies in place for customer drivers and follow drivers, how policy works is the customer driver never takes any money for the ride from the customer and  must direct the customer to pay the follow car.  If the customer tries to pay the customer driver they must tell the customer that it is company policy that he pays the follow car. This is also for security purposes and not just to stop cheating; however cheating seems to be a big issue in the industry. Other ways drivers cheat is to lie about milage to the company and then put that they drove less when they in fact drove the customer more and in then charging the customer the rate and pocketing the cash. It is unfortunate that people can behave in such a manner and Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ has zero tolerance for cheating and other dishonest practices. Remember when you’re getting your ride home from  a Designated Driver in Vancouver ask to see a drivers license? Are they a part of the Chamber of Commerce? Are they with the Better Business Bureau, and lastly do they even have a valid business license in their advertised name?a79660c3655f313e75789fe6f1272bd0

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