I want to touch on the subject of wages for Designated Drivers and how contracts work. I know my blogs upset and offend those who have been going about running a Designated Driver Service in Vancouver any which way they please however we are just showing our cards putting them on the table so the public can be aware how we operate. In respects to wages drivers sign a contract they are given a choice to get paid 80% a car with doing promotional  and charity work, or they can get paid 75% a car without having to do any  promotional and charity work. Drivers that choose to do promotional and charity work benefit the most because they do not pay any dispatch fee’s. All our drivers get to keep 100% of their tips because Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ value the work they do. Sober Girls believes if the government caps the Royalties at 30% max more designated driver would be out on the roads saving lives and a whole lot of paperwork and resources. At Sober Girls we do not take royalties when drivers cars are only making $100 because we recognize that drivers need to be paid for their time and gas whenever possible. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ is dedicated to our growth and our relationship with our drivers and customers.



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