Is your Designated Driver Company too selfish to save a life?

The concept of a Designated Driver Service was originally thought up as a solution to help keep the roads safe from intoxicated drivers. It was originally intended to be a community service that was funded entirely by donations from the customers. It was never meant to be a get-rich-quick scheme nor was it meant to be a cut-throat industry which is headed by greedy business owners who are more focused on eliminating competition than they are about keeping the roads safe. It’s very unfortunate that some companies choose to put their own greed before the safety of another human life.

Sober Girls Designated Drivers has been around for a little over a year now, and despite our focus on fundraising and the wellbeing of the community we have seen some pretty disappointing behavior from other local Designated Driver Companies; both startups as well as established. Over the last year we have witnessed other companies ripping each other’s business cards out of establishments, posting false reviews for competing companies, and prank calling each other to tie up the phone lines. How is this behavior going to save lives? Is there any one Designated Driver provider out there who is actually gullible enough to believe that they can get every single intoxicated individual, in the Lower Mainland, home safely in one night? If so, I give you props because you obviously have intelligence and technological abilities far beyond the ability of any human being. Are you going to teleport them all safely to their homes? Not even any single Taxi company can handle the demand for their service. That is why there are MANY Taxi companies working TOGETHER and respecting each other’s right to operate.

We believe that when a Designated Driver company rips out another licensed company’s business cards or carries out ANY action which would hinder another company’s ability to operate it is nothing but a selfish act that shows that they don’t care about how many people get a safe ride home. These acts show that they don’t care about anything other than making their own phone ring… unless they have the magical ability to get EVERY SINGLE person in the Lower Mainland home safely, single handedly. We also believe that if you are afraid to have your advertisements placed next to a competing business it shows a lack of confidence in your business and that you are afraid of being second best. We need to all get over ourselves and for once in our lives put somebody else’s best interest before our own.

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we genuinely care about the safety of the community so much that we even refer overflow customers to other companies. We do our best to make sure that as many people as possible get home safely, even if it means giving them a different option. That is what we believe the industry should be all about… getting people home safely and nothing more. Sure, we all have to make a living, but at the end of the day the purpose is really to get people home safely both for the sake of their families and for the safety of our community streets. We believe that everybody should be given options and alternative choices because there can NEVER be enough designated drivers on the road.

At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we would like to challenge ANY Designated Driver company out there to stand up and show that they actually care. We invite any Designated Driver company to proudly display their business cards next to ours in any local establishment to show that you are able to overcome your selfishness and to show your commitment to public safety. We would never destroy an opportunity for somebody to have a variety of options to get home safely and we challenge you to behave in the same way… unless you don’t really care about the safety of the customers. We challenge you to step up and show that you actually want your customers to get home safely and not just fill your wallets. If your business card is the only card on display and for some reason you can’t answer the phone or can’t get to the customer quickly enough then what happens to that customer? Do they drink and drive? If they do drink and drive is acceptable that they chose to do so because they had no other option? We think it is time for everybody to grow up and think about what the purpose of this business is supposed to be. These are human lives we are talking about. Think about somebody else for once in your life… if you dare!

From this day forward if we ever go into a local bar or establishment and see our business cards removed and another company’s in their place then we will know which companies are truly selfish and only care about their own pockets. However, if we ever walk into an establishment and see another company’s cards NEXT to ours we will probably make sure they are nice and straight so everyone can see them and probably even call the company if they need to come refill their card holder. There is no WAY any single Designated Driver Company can handle ALL ride requests so you are only putting lives in danger if you choose to be selfish and immature.

We challenge any Designated Driver company to actually care!

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