The best reason to hire a “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” is to secure your car. Halloween is second only to New Year’s Day for vehicle vandalism incidents on holidays or annual celebrations so leaving your vehicle overnight will mean taking a risk; why take that risk when you can get your vehicle home.
The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the scary ghosts and bewitching goblins. It can also be a very scary time when drivers mix holiday fun with alcohol. On Halloween night, on average:90 people are injured in 62 crashes in the Lower Mainland. This year, children will be trick-or-treating on Monday, which is typically is worst day of the week for crashes involving pedestrians in B.C.
The fact is that far too often people don’t plan ahead for a safe ride home before drinking alcohol. Every year the stories of Halloween celebrations turn tragic for many innocent people enjoying the holiday because someone did not make the right choice.
According to the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse The percentage of fatally injured drivers who tested positive for alcohol has varied between 36% and 41% These numbers usually are even higher when the holiday falls on a weekend.
This Halloween, “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” urges both corporate party goers and trick-or-treaters to plan ahead to help keep everyone safe.
For kids trick-or-treating:
• Be extra alert when crossing the street.
• Wear bright, reflective clothing or add reflective tape to costumes and treat buckets.
• Bring a flashlight (with extra batteries) so you can see and be seen at night.
For those attending a party:
• Designate a “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” before you head out to make sure you and your loved ones arrive home safely.
• Remember #taxi for a local cab service stay away from having to download a Personal Driver app this will drain your phones battery charge.
• Order an Uber or Lyft service although on holidays rates may be expensive.
• Consider hiring Blacklane or Limousine service to transport you and your friends to and from your event.
• Arrange a hotel stay for you and your friends on the evening of the event so no one drives home impaired.
For those hosting a Halloween party:
• Never serve alcohol to those under age.
• Consider providing non-alcoholic drink options to guests.
• Provide plenty of food to keep your guests from drinking on an empty stomach.
• Be prepared to get everyone home safe by having the number For “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” or a taxi service for those who need a ride.
• Be ready with some blankets so you can turn your sofa or living room into a hotel for guests who need to stay the night.

In general it is important all motorists show extra caution on Halloween by slowing down and watching for trick-or-treaters and party goers this helps ensure children make it home safely. We have enclosed some of our tip posters and we will be posting them regularly on our social media. Have a safe and fun Halloween weekend.

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