The transportation minister got ticketed for speeding and with that being said it is a fact that everyone speeds. Dont sit there and shake your head no because at one point during our life (teenage years) you were guilty of speeding. I do not think going 10km over is so bad when considering the flow of traffic but nobody wants to get the ticket. I suggest moving over to the slow lane to stop annoying the traffic flow if you are aiming for perfection road testing driving good for you but please get out of the way of the flow. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ we  encourage safe driving we are a Safe Ride Home for you and your loved ones. I understand customers are impatient but please try to understand we want you as a customer and value your business however we need you to understand we are in traffic. We at Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver’ want our customer to  know that speeding is not child’s play it is dangerous out on the roads for our drivers and we do not want our drivers to feel pressured. Our Drivers work all night to get everyone home safely and are on the road for sometimes up to 9 hours at a time and so we need to give them breaks for rest ect ect.

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