There are many Designated Driver Services across the world that have Apps such as BemyDD, Keys Please, Premier DD, Arrive Alive; just to name a few. The idea of an App is nothing new in the Designated Driver Industry however it has not made a difference in respect to the call volume for other businesses in the industry, because most people tend to be out at functions which mostly are unplanned; customers in the moment generally do not want to spend time ordering through an App or even through online booking. There are some companies that don’t operate within industry standards whom think and these companies fully believe they are the pioneers of ground transportation such as “K” company a courier service. Other Designated Driver Companies find it tacky and the general public is disinterested in the ventures of corporation but want a service that is easy and simple to get them a driver quickly. People do not want to deal with three hundred questions and just like ordering a cabbie they just want a car sent and  with “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we send two drivers one to follow and one to drive your vehicle its a simple choice for them to make. At “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” we are dedicated to keeping it simple for our customers this in turn helps people make the right choices that get them in their vehicle home safely. There is also the option to have a driver bring your vehicle home while customers can stay out and play. The development of a App is therefore not going to make or break any business and it certainly will not set any business aside from the rest because most Designated Driver companies have App. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we have been working on our software development for over a year and our software is specifically geared towards driver management this in turn will help make “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” a quicker and more reliable service. Our business development is all about quick and reliable service we give customers a crisp clean website with high contrast and large fonts to assist customers to make an easy and simple choice no matter how inebriated they may be at the time. Sometimes technology can be mind boggling and people just want to call a Designated Driver its just simply easier. Whatever the case Sober Girls has been developing our own App but only for the customers and not for driver management because we do not want to take our drivers out of the loop. Our drivers are well managed and well trained. Lets face it sometimes using an app is just inconvenient and frustrating because people can do more with direct conversations. Sometimes hearing a human being on the other end of the phone is all we need.

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