Most of us at some point in our life have been in a “Taxi” otherwise known as a “Cab” or “Taxi Cab” so we all know when you get into that cab there is a fee already on the meter called a “Tariff”. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC our Tariff is a called a “dispatch fee” previously called a “pick up fee” that fee just like a “Taxi” Tariff and is nonrefundable; you are responsible for paying that fee up front before a driver will arrive. Why a “dispatch fee”? The “dispatch fee” helps cover the cost of administration to send a “customer driver” to come and drive you home safely in your vehicle. You requested a time slot and the company has honored that and has already done the administration work to hold the driver and time slot for you. Be sure before you pay the “dispatch fee that you need the service because once the payment is processed there is no getting it back. The fee is nonrefundable even if you change your mind within the same phone conversation or even when calling back 30 seconds later because you have already basically for all intensive purposes hopped in a “taxi”. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we may make you pay a “dispatch fee” AKA “tariff” however we do not charge a costly cancel fee such as other DD services do which can cost you up to a fifty dollars charge on your credit card. Our company does not keep credit card numbers on file we do not store your credit card numbers because we value consumer protection and we would never want your credit information compromised. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC our “dispatch fee” starts at as low as fifteen dollars and is capped at twenty two dollars depending on if you are requesting a low income rate, charity rate, industry rate, or regular rate. Although we are not a “taxi” service we use the “tariff” as an example to explain why DD service charge a base fee. Some may say “a cabbie base fee “tariff” is only four dollars and ours is up to twenty two dollars why?” The best way to answer this is because Designated Driver are such a specialized service offering “safe rides” we have a lot more administrative and driver expenses that is why in turn we must charge the “dispatch fee”. Why don’t we add kilometers to the “dispatch fee”? The current legislation in BC, backed by consumer affairs Canada, prohibits the charge for a service before the service is rendered. This makes offering a fee with kilometers included, as an initial fee before the service has been completed, an offence against the consumer affairs act. Please refer to the business practices and consumer protection act for more details. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC we hold the integrity of the service at the highest regards however we cannot have people playing games to damage or abuse our website applications and our staff with negligence and that is why we stand firm on our “dispatch fee” being 100% non-refundable. Negligence is a word we cannot stress enough because in the past we have been toyed with by individuals who never planned on using the service and those who think it’s amusing to take up all the booking times and administrative services involved and thereafter expect a refund for the “dispatch fee”. This is a needed service saving the lives of every single user and the community involved by preventing drunk drivers from being on the road and we will not allow abuse of our services to affect our administrative staff and our drivers. We want to offer a service and follow through with ease and without prejudice. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has sent our Terms of Service to our third party payment processer which is licensed with all major credit card carries and even if you file a dispute with your credit card carrier it will not result in a refund. We make our service terms very clear to all users upon booking and at the end of the day to pay a twenty two dollar fee is a small price when you think of having our service booked for your own security if you decide to cancel. Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC offers the lowest fares in our industry currently and we also have provided the service for many charity events and to those who may be affected by a low income and we do not want our services to be abused. Currently this year to date we have serviced around ten thousand customers and we want to continue to help more people make the right choice and therefore this year we introduced specialized (Low Income) and (Charity) rates so we can help everyone get a safe way home in BC.


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