Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver wants to discuss rates for a driver. Some Companies have strictly set rates they act purely as a business just as a vulture will never be a beautiful bird these companies are not interested in helping you but cashing in whether you can afford the ride or not. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we understand drivers want to make money however we do not hire drivers that depend on Sober Girls Designated Drivers for an income because we are more of a community service orientated business our model is not for Sober Girls Designated Drivers as a company to get rich but to enrich the lives of those benefiting from all the charities we support. Money is just a nice bonus for an invaluable community service. Our Company Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver may stand alone in our mission to serve its proven with all our property thats been destroyed and all the bad mouthing by those looking to get rich in the Designated Driving Industry Other companies drivers have been overcharging customers and this is what Sober Girls Disciplines drivers for because some people are proven to only want the money and if there was no money they would not be out there helping people because its not their true motive. Sober Girls Designated Drivers stands alone in efforts for charity and helping the community but we believe this industry need changes and we believe we are the change. Our rates are clearly laid out on the website and we will be providing drivers with a rate sheet so if there is any confusion we will always use the rate sheet which is the discount of  a little more then 25% off peak season

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