They come around with dollar signs in their eyes with the sole purpose of making a buck; yes we are going to discuss fly by nights in the “Driver Service” industry. The protocol and procedures of fly by night companies are simple they have none. The “Driver Service” industry whereas we drive you in your vehicle has a big problem because there is no governing agency. The idea of a Designated Driver Service is to get you IN your vehicle home safely with all your passengers. One of the major problems in the “Driver Service” industry is those who break the insurance laws. Some of you may be thinking ohhh nooo not the insurance laws however if your loved one or yourself is crippled or in critical condition in hospital you will be thinking about insurance. We have hired drivers who have a lot of experience in the Designated Driver Industry who have had no prior knowledge of insurance or the laws in regards to transporting people. When I write this blog it’s not for scandal we are simply exposing the fly by nights for the law breaking individuals they are. Notice how we say fly by nights and are not mentioning any names this is because you should be able to tell from a website which business is legitimate and which ones are not. A website says a lot about a company if a business cannot present themselves well on their website what makes you think they would put the effort into procedures and hiring?. We also want to point out that any company who has to use google AdWords are probably doing so because they have not done the work to be bonded and legitimate (ei) business license, properly licensed drivers and following the insurance laws. If these companies were legit they would not have to pay google for advertising because the general public would be using the service. Some of these fly by nights in the “Driver Service” industry are sometimes known as gypsy cabs in the Taxi Industry. In the Designated Driver industry we have similar problems such as fly by nights using their personal vehicles to offer unauthorized taxi-like services to overflow passengers. At “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” we have refused to service customers who want a Taxi like service and have made extra passengers take a Taxi or we have denied them service. A Designated Driver Company should only be driving you in your vehicle and only if your driver and passengers are able to fit in your vehicle safely seat belted. All designated driver companies are not commercially insured to carry passengers in any personal vehicle they may arrive in. In the “Driver Service” industry if you choose an unlicensed service or you engage in services that do not follow insurance laws you will be denied any pay out by ICBC for any accident. Some fly by night companies tell passengers whom they are transporting in their follow/chase vehicles to say they know them, however ICBC is not stupid and they use ex detectives and very seasoned individuals to research and they will find out if you are lying. If an individual is going to start a company in the Designated Driver industry they need to follow insurance laws. When transporting people companies need to be diligent and follow the insurance laws for safety and security of all lives involved. When accidents happen its very common for individuals to go through the windshield and sustain a head injury. To learn more about head injuries and vehicle collisions please see the Brain injury society website. A collision can changes lives and this is why “Designated Drivers” for hire should be diligent and follow the insurance laws. If you think that “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” has bad reviews and if you have been told gossip by individuals just stop and think again because those people are only mad that we stepped into the industry and have exposed the sham “fly by nights”. Our “Driver Service” is best in class because we follow insurance rules, we pay out our drivers a fair wage, we always update our website and we are always tying up loose ends in protocols and procedures. The founder has been harassed online and so we want to point this out because the “fly by nights are mad because we make them look bad; however those who do not have the skill set should not be running a business. If an individual cannot research ICBC rules, consumer affairs regulations how can you trust they even screen their drivers?. Our advice is if you cannot do your research and get informed knowledge on regulations or industry standards of the business you want to open then we suggest not opening one at all. If you are a customer and you choose to use fly by night operations it is at your risk. Some customers do not even know they are risking not being insured and they could be driven by someone with gang involvement; it could be a dial a dope cover up. Some of the drug dealers/dial a dopes use cheesy magnets and emphasize “Designated Driver” in the advertisements and stick them to the car doors. If you are a law enforcement officer please do not just wave these cars through roadblocks use the skills you have learned through experience and question them; where are you coming from? Where are you going? And check the license and insurance. As an industry we need to respect commercially licensed services such as Taxi companies and limo companies because they are paying a lot of money to have a fleet on the road. Companies that are operating as a Designated Driver Service should not be putting decals on their drivers means of transportation for getting to customers because they do not hold a commercial insurance policy. Lastly law enforcement please have your detectives look into these businesses especially the ones who use the magnet signs or have follow/chase vehicles . We want to leave you with some food for thought; Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC is the first company to blog about questionable actions of those in the DD industry. The best anyone can do to our Driver Service is use a fictitious customer to try to complain about our customers service; those involved should be ashamed and be very ashamed of themselves because that is a really weak defense.

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