All Patrons should demonstrate good behavior well enjoying the establishment they are at; however the Bar is a business and they need to operate with standards conducive in the industry. Establishments like restaurants and bars that serve alcohol have what is known as a “duty of care” not only to their patrons but to others who could be harmed due to a patron’s intoxication. “Sober Girls Designated Driver Vancouver BC” wants to let you know that also under the Liquor Licensing and Occupier’s Liability Acts, businesses in BC that serve alcohol are legally required to secure a safe ride home for patrons when they observe or are informed that a person is in no condition to drive. Our Designated Drivers are all screened and cleared and we only refer to companies like Greater Vancouver Designated Drivers, Dial A Designated Driver, A1, Sober Guys Designated Drivers the prices may very but they are reputable and reliable because if there is something we all agree on is we do not want anyone to drink and drive and as a businesses in the community we all refer our customers if we are not able to pick them up within an agreeable time frame. Some servers and managers at bars and restaurants may not relish the idea of trying to keep an intoxicated person from leaving and getting into a car but that is their legal obligation if they have served that person alcohol. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a drunk driver you should determine whether another person or entity besides that driver bears some responsibility for his or her condition. The B.C. Supreme Court judge found that bar staff at the Steveston Hotel in Steveston, near Richmond, clearly neglected their duty to stop 20-year-old Harry McWilliams from drinking and driving in June 1999. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” would like all industry staff know when you call us for a female passenger that is travelling alone you are guaranteeing that she will have a female driver hence why the company is called Sober Girls with the main goal and idea to provide safety for our female passengers. Please Be Responsible and pre-plan for a safe ride home in your own vehicle and never having to worry about leaving your vehicle over night. To our hard working staff at establishment please do not be afraid to ask customers if they would like you to call a designated driver on their behalf because giving your customer a sober driver can save lives. Feel free to ask an intoxicated patron to hand over their keys say please and be nice about it im sure the customer will respect and appreciate your concern.

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