They cannot handle the competition. Who you say? Well the other companies that cannot keep up to designated driver standards we demonstrate. We provide tools for customers and they do not and instead of developing rate calculators, proper booking forms that are not just for compiling email lists to sell but for getting people picked up. Compare if you must however our booking form does not ask for an email address because we are not selling your email addresses or your information to third parties. The competition has been bullying “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” since the very day me and my daughter got out of having to live in our car the very car that bears the Sober Girls name brand. This company is a mother daughter company however due to all the immaturity and harassment from those whom are unwilling to eat a piece of humble pie has been overbearing on the youth owner involved.

The harassment has went as far as false police reports and false malicious reports to the ministry for children and families. We would never blog to make lies this is a very real problem; these people have went as far as spoofing the company dispatch line and lying to the media about being a customer. First off our terms and conditions state you must use your “real name” you could be the prime minister of Canada and the terms of service do not change. Booking a service that will be sending a driver to drive a vehicle under your insurance policy should have your real name because we do not want to be in a situation that is illegal. A real celebrity customer or one with a high profile job always get their personal assistant to book their ride and we are notified of it. We have never had a customer ever book our services under a fictions name and the person in question was 100% in breach of contract.

The trashing is only because this mother and daughter company did not go through the traditional education system and the tradition business training that schools teach. We are regular everyday people getting bullied by the elite in business and it is because they cannot hack the competition literally they tried to hack

Let’s get into the hacking job they attempted on our website on August 30th 2016 however because they are script kiddies they could not execute their original plan of taking down our beautiful built from the ground up website. They used the media (CKNW) to make us think we were getting bad traffic; but upon our research they used Facebook to attempt a DDOS attack using five ip addresses used through Facebook referrals (basically bunk accounts). All the alleged viral Facebook shares (they think 3000 is viral LOL) were not even real because if you type “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” into Facebook search only three original shares are showing. These people cannot handle competition they are also very poor sports playing dirty and stopping at nothing in attempt to bankrupt a mother/daughter company that started out with no support and next to no money. This company allows us to not be a debt to society but an asset and enables us to provide the community with a service while being self-sustaining. We have decided to fight not flight because we survivors and we have a place in society just like anyone else and “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” is here to stay.

These culprits are now harassing all the charities Sober Girls supports and sending our customers that have liked us on Facebook disgusting messages about mental health. We apologize if we seem a little jaded but having to live in our car was definitely is not “The Pursuit of Happiness”. We apologize if we seem a little bitchy or angry but the post trauma from being homeless and all the bullying has not helped us heal at all. We have been diagnosed with post traumatic from all the harassment and have been told to take legal action, but we would rather people just leave us alone to run our company. If we as a family had just one wish to be granted if would be for acceptance and love for all but most of all for the harassment to stop and for those to accept our natural talents.

We have received a lot of support from our customers and organizations that have worked with us, and they feel that those who have participated in the “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” bashing and trolling online are obnoxious and disgraceful (exact words from the public) along with other use of words like disgusting and immature. The people who use services know that designated driver companies have dispatchers not a customer service departments, and all our customers know we show up and are reliable and honest about wait times. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” try to be courteous and polite however we refuse to be a whipping post for intoxicated patrons and anyone in the industry would agree we must set boundaries. We have been working with a few newer companies and giving them our overflow, because as of now due to the lack of respect from the companies involved in the bashing we have decided we do not want our customer using services run by people whom are poor sports.

Lastly as for the media that was involved in the fictitious complaint; it is too bad that the reporter never did research before posting fictions text messages and cloned Facebook account messages from a fictions customer. We have received an apologies but it will not make us feel any better about the lies already published. We have received so much support that we even lawyers have stepped up to the plate; we appreciate the fact that there are some people that still have a heart and understand our situation. As for our society it was true we did not complete the licensing portion of the application and our registration for our name expired but this should not discredit all the charity work we have already done. We have only accepted gifts in kind COATS AND BLANKETS we never canvass our customers to donate money and any donations made were partial proceeds from rides. As it stands now the bashing is being done to an innocent family; neither owner has any sort of criminal record. We are reapplying our applications in the meantime we are doing our second annual coat and blanket drive for the homeless starting October 1st. Thanks to the participating businesses last year who donated; we will be posting you up on the front page of the website when we launch the campaign October 1st. We hope the trolls and harassers do not phone and bother you like they have in the past.

We want to end this blog with food for thought:

“it’s not our job to toughen our children up for a cruel and heartless world but it is our job to raise children who will make the world a little less cruel and heartless”

Our Own Society

Our Own Society

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