As you may or may not recall Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC had a function called “Find Me” and it’s on the front page of our website. Our Designated Driver Service is all about function without the inconvenience of downloading an App such as the three buttons on the front page of SGDD website a Green, Yellow and Red button.  Each button represents features that can be easily used by our DD Service clients. The green button is to book the red button is for a fare estimate and lastly the yellow button is our “Park Me” feature previously known as the yellow “Find Me” button. Why the change from “Find Me” to “Park Me”? While the answer is simple because we want consumers to better understand this feature. Picture this you live and work in Abbotsford and you do not go downtown often however you are having a business meeting with a supplier or colleague and its downtown Vancouver; you just spent 20 minutes looking for reasonable parking but you gave Sober Girls Designated Drivers the venue of your pick up yet you are not even parked close to the venue. What do you do now? You are even worried about finding your way back to your vehicle yourself and you can feel your anxiety levels rising than you remember your ride coordinator at Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC telling you about the new “Park Me” feature so you log on to and click the “Park Me” feature. What does this do? Its sends your parked location to our dispatching software giving us your exact parked location and in turn you can request dispatch to send the location back to you for your own use which will get your back to your vehicle after. The “Park Me” feature is another great function that Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC pioneered along with the very first ride cost estimator custom coded for Designated Driver Customers. We know some may duplicate our features but because we pioneered them Google give us clout for it in which we greatly appreciate. Ever wonder why Google loves Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC so much? It’s simple because we are innovators and creators of original content. The “Park Me” is not just for people who live out of Vancouver but is for any client who feels their parked location is hard to find or their vehicle is not in the location of the venue attended. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC we constantly brainstorm on new functions and features that our clients could benefit from and  our goal is to stand out for our innovative and brilliant idea’s in turn representing our industry as a benefit to the communities we service. Thank you for reading our blog about the “Park Me” feature and we hope you now understand how the feature works. We look forward to innovating more in the future bringing a fresh new take and fresh eyes on our industry.

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