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Credit card fraud can happen several ways. A criminal could obtain your card data and use this information to manufacture a counterfeit card, or the data could be used to make telephone or Internet purchases (also referred to as “card not present” fraud). When you order a designated driver service look at the age of their website are they endorsed by a major charity? And/or The chamber of commerce? It’s also a good idea to check the business register check their Domain registrations are they operating under a legit address? Is their phone number listed? A designated driver company will NEVER try to sell you a MEMBERSHIP we are not a gym but seriously that is not conducive of industry standards. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” supports other small businesses that operate within the same pricing range and although terms and conditions may differ with cancelations and minimum fees they still are within the standard for this industry. Good Designated Driver Companies operate with the sole concern for the protection of the public keeping your information secure and private and getting you in your own vehicle home safely. If you think your credit card has been put at risk Contact your credit bureau and have fraud alerts placed on your credit reports: Equifax Canada: 1 800 465-7166TransUnion Canada Toll free: 1 877 525-3823. Never give out your card number over the phone or Internet unless you know you are dealing with a reputable company. The enhancement of the security of chip and pin technology has forced fraudsters to change their methods of operations. This could explain the recent increase in “card not present fraud” (CNP), which refers to e-commerce and other methods of payment where the presence of a credit card is not necessary for completion of a transaction (e.g. Internet, telephone and mail order). This information “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” as obtained right from the RCMP. The anti-fraud organization of Canada states to inspect the website thoroughly. Often counterfeit sites will contain spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. www.antifraudcentre.ca There are companies that are legitimate and we are in constant contact with them in regards to fraudulent designated driver companies that are attempting to take advantage of those who are in a venerable state of mind. For industry staff keep in mind that only companies that are licensed in your city should have business cards in your establishment and everyone who is legitimate pays their dues to society. This is about advertising fairly and paying to the city the money to advertise in the city by purchasing a business license. The best thing to do is to leave it up to the licensed designated driver companies in your city to take care of the ride and to pass it off to another service if they are too busy because all legitimate companies will pass the ride off if the wait is too long because legit companies are concerned for the protection and safety of the customers and the establishments they work with. “Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC” are the headway on industry standards anyone can claim to be professional but that does not make them honorable or of moral character at Sober Girls designated Drivers Vancouver BC we believe in the integrity of our industry and the safety of the public. We know people want to go out and have a good time so why not plan ahead do your research and insure yourself before you go out a safe ride home.

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