Get a Safe Ride

A Safe Ride From a Designated Driver

Sober Girls Designated Drivers can help you get a safe ride in your own vehicle when your friends don’t want to be the sober drivers. We provide a safe alternative to drinking and driving when leaving your vehicle overnight is not an option. Getting a safe ride home is as easy as completing the Ride Request Form on our website, paying the dispatch fee via. credit card, and then meeting your designated driver at your vehicle. Don’t forget to pay attention to your phone around your agreed upon pickup time just in case the driver needs to contact you… Many people plan ahead to get a safe ride and it’s not fair to make them wait.

Tips To Help Your Safe Ride Go Smoothly

Although our Designated Driver Service can provide a safe ride in your own vehicle it is not intended to replace Government regulated transportation. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we have put some procedures and simple rules in place to help keep your safe ride safe and reliable.

  1. Plan ahead to get a safe ride: Try booking your safe ride before you go out. At Sober Girls Designated Drivers we require all customers to complete the Ride Request Form on our website. This is for third party liability of information so we don’t make any mistakes on your pickup and contact information. If you are too intoxicated to complete the Ride Request Form then we cannot enter into an agreement with you. This is why we strongly recommend booking ahead of time to get a safe ride, before you go out.
  2. Don’t plan for a tight schedule: Although we will always try to be on time we cannot control the roads or other customers. Things like traffic, weather, road blocks, and other emergencies can cause delays. If your driver shows up early they will let you know but don’t feel obligated to leave right away unless you are ready. Also, if your driver is a few minutes late please be considerate about what may have caused that delay. If there are any delays you will be notified. Delays are rare and usually only a matter of 15 minutes or less. If you are on a tight schedule then a limousine might be best. We are here to get you home safely… not to your business meeting on time.
  3. Be prepared to pay the dispatch fee: When you request a safe ride with Sober Girls Designated Drivers you will be required to pay a dispatch fee. This covers the cost of sending the driver and for holding the time slot that is closest to your requested time. The dispatch fee is non-refundable and must be paid by credit card before we can dispatch a sober driver to meet you.
  4. Don’t abuse the dispatcher or drivers: We are here to help you get a safe ride and not to be abused or harassed. If you threaten, abuse, harass, or mistreat your driver or the dispatcher then your service may be terminated immediately with no further obligation. You will lose your dispatch fee and will have to find another means of transportation. We understand that we may be serving intoxicated people but we are not required to provide a service if we feel threatened.
  5. Be ready to go: Try to be ready to go for around the time that your safe ride is scheduled to arrive. Many people pre-book their safe ride and it isn’t fair to keep them waiting. Your driver will wait up to a maximum of ten minutes without contact and no longer than 15 minutes with contact.

A recap on tips for requesting a safe ride:

Plan a ahead to get a safe ride because oncall service may not be available. Booking a safe ride ahead of time will help you get the time slot that you are requesting. Plan for a loose schedule because unforeseen conditions on the road and other emergencies may cause delays… although it is not usual. Be ready to pay the dispatch fee via. credit card because this is how we secure your request. Please don’t be abusive towards the drivers or dispatch… you could loose your dispatch fee and be banned from the service. Try to be ready to go so that we don’t cause delays for everybody else. We rely on everybody to work together to make the service run safely and smoothly for everyone who requests a safe ride.

If you have any further questions about Sober Girls Designated Drivers please read our FAQ.



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