The Designated Driver industry has come to a halt people are not going out as often and they are choosing not to use Designated Drivers in Vancouver BC. We all know even with the more affordable Designated Driver companies in BC our service is still an expensive service.

Some Designated Driver Companies think the problem is their branding or their name and so they search for a reason why the call volume is so low. Many companies keep building new wix sites or site builder sites to have new names to make it look like they are a new company we have witnessed business owners who are even spamming google places. Let’s talk about Google places and what Google places mean to google. A place in google cannot have multiple address listings with the same phone number such as the example photo attached to this blog and it is a perfect example of not only spam but a desperate attempt to keep a dying industry in BC going. Dying industry? Yes absolutely when the cost of living and gas prices soar and the average working Joe can barely afford to live paycheck to paycheck Joe cannot afford to go out let alone use a designated driver service. Another attempt by some company owners to drive business is to go to anywhere they can and put in a poor reviews about Sober Girls Designated Drivers. Then open their new name company. The funny thing is we still have been getting poor reviews during our temporary closure.

The problem is not Sober Girls DD or any other DD service the problem is with the BC economy and our provincial government. When people can’t afford to live and they barely make it from payday to payday why would they throw out a  minimum of $40 to $50 for the first 10 kilometers which most DD services currently charge because of the DD cost involved with showing up with a driver and follow car. That very reason is why we started charging a non-refundable dispatch fee which people whined about on the news because of course we are just magically made of money to just piss away on gas ourselves right…NOT.

Thereafter it becomes a pissing match between companies to prank each other just to cost them time and money this is for the companies who require no upfront payment. We have done plenty of blogs on pranks and even caught people red handed but when we went to our lovely RCMP we were advised pranking is not a crime of harassment because we run a business…NICE.

Sober Girls DD for the founder was meant to be a positive outlet but swiftly became a nightmare real fast because some people just have to defecate on something that is innovative and are over sensitive and whiney. On top of all the above bullcrap is a province which caters not Kater to only the rich and entitled that is another corruption issue in itself. Some customers want to support corruption however the mass customer base wants Uber and other forms of transportation which will not be so costly.

Think the corruption stops at not having Uber think again these gas prices will cause everything to be more expensive; a loaf of bread  by summer’s end will cost $5 or more.  When the amount of customer flow for a service business and tourism business come to a halt people lose their livelihood we seen this coming as soon as the Taxi cabs got involved because we get it they want to save their asses even if it puts DD services in  poverty. Designated Drivers are becoming no different parked at bars on weekends as the average lot lizards at truck stops;  they can suck up to bars staff all they want it won’t make people use the service. Let’s talk about taking screen shots from social media and saying Sober Girls company swears and their company does  not (contrasting) “we are so professional ray, ray, ray, blah, blah, blah,” but no one cares .

The smear campaign against this company has been a total failure and it did not affect our business. We have a database which shows how the trends in gas prices and the news stories about Uber not being in BC affects our industry. We operated successfully after all the scandal for two years we only experienced a decline in searches when Uber did not come out at Christmas and now with the current rise in gas prices.

All the attempted mind games did not work with our founder, social media shaming did not work, and pranking us did not work, corrupted media stories about whining over our  dispatch fee also did not work. We have built a new platform but considering the economy why would we release it for the Taxi services like Kater to potentially steal, we have had enough of our website content stolen since 2014. We will sit patiently and see what happens with Uber and the gas prices and decide if we want to put our intellectual properties to use.  At this point in our founder does not want to release the platform to the public.

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