Kater Begs With ‘Bogus’ Bonuses!

Just by signing up to work for Kater you could be eligible for a $1000 bonus… in a perfect world where you are not punished for other people’s decisions.

Some people claim that they wouldn’t work for Kater even if they were offered a Million dollars. Well, hold onto your seat because Vancouver’s tech company is offering a whopping $1000 signup bonus that you will probably NEVER be able to achieve… at least not by your own performance efforts. The stipulation, as posted on the Kater website, states that you must complete 6 months on the Kater platform and have NO trip cancellations. With that being said, this IS NOT a bonus… it is a gamble. Your best efforts cannot control the general public’s decisions therefore, no matter how good you are just one cancellation in 6 months will destroy your shot at the alleged bonus. I think any casino house would happily back these odds! Just think… the first time somebody who is watching the Kater app notices that you might be five minutes late, they could just cancel and now your bonus is GONE! Simply put… it is not a signup bonus if you can’t get it by signing up!

This bogus bonus could be compared to the “Whack a Mole” game. Sure, easy enough… if you whack all of the moles with the rubber hammer you win a prize. But, what happens when the moles can decide not to poke their heads out of the hole…. That’s it… No prize for you because the machine is broken! This analogy is just a way to show that Kater is not doing anybody a favour by offering a bonus that has stipulations that can not be consciously adhered to simply by being a ‘good driver’. They are actually banking on the odds that somebody in six months won’t show up for their ride then they don’t have to pay! That’s alright… they were still able to use your signup to claim that they have ‘x’ number of driver applicants and further boast about being something that they are not!

I personally know somebody who signed up on the Kater platform almost a year ago and hasn’t received one single ride! Does this mean that he gets the bonus? Well…. no rides… no cancels so PAY UP!

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