We want to post this in regards to the media blackout of the term “Designated Driver” because we think it’s important for the public to understand that the media does not want them to know the key words designated drivers, safe ride, and sober drivers or drive my car home. The media has been pouting about regular family people having businesses driving people home in their own vehicle. Want to know why? Because they are not getting their wallets greased so they want to pretend that Designated Driver Services do not exist and because the not so rich are dominating the google search engine. Did you know the media has a goal and that goal is to decide for consumers? The decisions they are making for consumers is only to help get the rich richer but the media does not want civilians to support each other but to support the corporations through mass media manipulation. So why does the public need to learn the keyword Designated Drivers because currently no large corporation is running the Designated Driver Service industry or has any chance at ever seeing the front page of google. So the media is going to pout about the keyword “Designated Drivers” and blackout the term. We challenge any of you to research for yourself on the media announcement of Operation Red Nose not running in Surrey/ Langley this year. If you read every single article there is not one mention Designated Drivers for hire and not one mention that there are companies like SGDD. The media only attacked Sober Girls Designated Drivers Vancouver BC because and I quote the reporter “we don’t have a business degree or degree in communications”. Okay so apparently you need a business degree to run a “Designated Driver” service but all the degrees in the world won’t mean nothing if you can’t out rank the non-business degree people on google? These elite people who think they control the masses don’t realize that you can control all of the people some of the time but you cannot control some of the people all of the time. So decide for yourself if you think the media is crooked and against civilians being successful. Why would the media ignore the fact that paid Designated Driver Services have been around for over a decade? Why are they trying to shove a round trip drive your car home service on the public? For an hourly rate that over 60% of British Columbians don’t even make an hour? Now think about the fact that a round trip drive your vehicle home service supports over intoxication with you in your vehicle, secondly the fact that an hourly charge for a driving your vehicle home causes inflation in the market and lastly people in BC pay the most amount for vehicle insurance anywhere in Canada so why would they insure their vehicle for some stranger to drive? Let’s take a look at the risk assessments of a Designated Driver Service operating in industry standard unlike the hourly drive your vehicle home service. First off our “Designated Driver Services do not require the same pick up and drop off location which lowers the risk of over intoxication and accidents. Our “Designated Drivers” specialize in one way service as a means to get you home in your vehicle we are not trying to replace traditional means of transportation. Secondly with “Designated Driver” Services you are always with your vehicle because it is your property. Lastly we are not trying to get paid more for the service than you get paid an hour. I am sure some the rich business man who is trying and failing at inflating our market with their hourly charges may be pouting about our blogs but we are okay with that because we are not in business to only Kater to the well-off but to offer the service to everyone equally. We service many high profile wealthy clients and they agree that an hourly round trip in their car is not only useless but that they would hire a qualified car service for that such as a taxi or limousine. As for our other not so wealthy clients they say they would not want to trust someone alone with their vehicle. A “Designated Driver” Service media blackout has only happened in support of the market inflation with hourly charged drive my car round trip services. Let’s get real the wheel does not need to be reinvented and although some DD service do offer an hourly rate they do not restrict the pick-up and drop- off locations and the kilometer rate is always an option. The media outlets think they have so much power but the public is just tired of the bullshit and lies. Designated Driver Services are ran by everyday people and is a community service and not to inflate the market and get rich quick. So when you are heading out for a night and need a service ask yourself do you want to support everyday family people or do you want to support the corporations. Have a safe and happy ride home that won’t cost a fortune and look for “Designated Drivers” if you are out with your vehicle.

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